New headlight technology seeks to make night driving easier by projecting information onto the road

MADRID, 16 Aug. (Portaltic/EP) –

Ford engineers work in a new headlight technology that can project informative images, such as traffic signs or direction indications, onto the road to improve night driving.

The proposal part of the technology known as ‘Head-up displays’ or head-up display, a system that projects on the windshield, or on a secondary panel, information relevant to the driver in their field of vision.

This system searches prevent the driver from taking his eyes off the road to consult information relevant to the trip, such as directions or the fuel level. Now Ford engineers want to move it to the headlights.

The new technology would use high-resolution headlights to project the information onto the asphalt, this time to improve driving and attention at night, especially on poorly lit roads.

Specifically, it could project information about weather changes, such as snowfall, fog, slippery surfaces, or an icy road aheadindicate the next turns or show the width of the vehicle on the road, as detailed from Ford in a statement.

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