New electric scooter hits the market, runs 201KM in full charge, know the price and features

Photo:PURE EV Electric Scooter EPLUTO 7G MAX

Another new electric scooter has entered the market. Pure EV on Tuesday launched a new electric scooter ePluto 7G Max. This scooter can cover a distance of up to 201 kilometers in full charge. You can buy this scooter for ex-showroom price of Rs 1,14,999. It can be purchased in four colors – matte black, red, gray and white. According to the news of IANS, the company has introduced this electric scooter with hillstart assist, downhill assist, coasting regeneration, reverse mode, long battery life and smart AI features.

Will be made available during the festival season

According to the news, Pure ePluto 7G Max is open for booking across India, its delivery will start from the upcoming festive season. Company CEO Rohit Vadera said that this model is focused on those consumers who cover a distance of about 100 kilometers every day and do not want to go through the hassle of frequent charging. This will be made available in the upcoming festival season. It has provided state-of-the-art facilities for our customers.

Three different driving modes
The model comes with an AIS-156 certified 3.5 kWh heavy-duty battery with smart BMS and Bluetooth connectivity. The powertrain has a maximum power of 2.4 kW, a CAN-based charger and is available in three different driving modes. The ePluto7G Max is equipped with seven different microcontrollers and multiple sensors, providing more powerful processing than a smartphone along with the flexibility to undergo any future OTA firmware updates. The Max is equipped with AI-enabled power discharge accounting for the battery’s state of charge (SOC) and state of health (SOH), improving battery life by up to 50 percent.

The company is offering standard battery warranty of 60 thousand kilometers and extended warranty of 70 thousand kilometers on the scooter. The company is aggressively expanding its dealer network across all major cities and towns, and is targeting over 300 centers by the end of FY2024.

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