Netflix will show fewer ads after watching three consecutive episodes in 2024

File – FILED – 17 December 2016, Berlin: The logo of the video streaming service Netflix is ​​seen on the display of a laptop. – Alexander Heinl/dpa – Archive

MADRID, Nov. 1 (.) –

Netflix has announced that, as of first quarter of 2024, will implement the “compulsive” ad format in its basic plan with ads, With which After watching three consecutive episodes, it will show the fourth episode without advertising.

The company launched its advertising-supported plan a year ago, which was presented for 5.49 euros per month. In this sense, the platform has highlighted the “progress” it has achieved since then, since they have reached accumulate 15 million monthly active users worldwide.

Likewise, as Netflix has stated in a statement on its website, its objective is “shaping the future of advertising on Netflix”, as well as helping marketers “take advantage of the incredible fandom generated by our shows and movies.”

In this framework, the streaming content platform has announced that In early 2024 it will implement a “compulsive” ad format, with which it will show an episode without advertising, after viewing three chapters consecutively.

This option is designed for those users who usually watch several episodes in a row, so that it is encouraged to continue watching the series in question by limiting advertising.

On the other hand, Netflix has detailed that It will also expand sponsorships globally during next year 2024. So advertisers will be able to sponsor titles and live content on the platform. Furthermore, the company has reported that is also working to “provide more measurement capabilities” to advertisers In all countries.

“All of these updates help create the best experience for our customers and members, who are dear fans of Netflix series and movies,” the platform stated.

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