Netflix bets on video games beyond mobile phones: works on a triple A for PC

MADRID, 23 Nov. (Portaltic/EP) –

Netflix is betting on the video game industry beyond mobile terminals and has focused on creating a “new triple A game for PC”, as it has announced on its employment platform, Netflix Jobs.

The streaming content platform introduced this service last year, when it released five exclusive video games for Android phones, two of them inspired by the series stranger thingsincluded in its catalogue.

Since then, it has added new games to its service, which can be played for free as long as you have a Netflix subscription. Until now, the company had not publicly shown greater interest for developing video games for other platforms.

A job offer published on Netflix Jobs would indicate otherwise, since the platform has opened a job application period for a position as game director, which would be responsible for “creative vision in a AAA game for PC”, as you can read on this page.

A videogame, also known as triple A, is an informal classification that is used to talk about games produced and distributed by a relevant publisher and that have with great promotional support and a high budget.

From Netflix they assure that the person who fills this available vacancy will be in charge of directing the title “from the concept phase to production, launch and other live operations.

They also highlight that they are “laying the foundations for a small but ambitious team of creators” and that they are looking for a group of professionals who are inclined “for action and learning, which comes with bold experimentation at an agile pace.”

Specifically, the person who is placed in the position of director “will be able to create, ship and run a game without any competitive design restrictions due to monetization” and will be able to implement initial features of the game in Unreal Engine.

Apart from this announcement, the company has not mentioned this expansion of its team dedicated to the development of video games which, according to data released last August, only interest an average of 1.7 million active daily users.

Despite these figures, which mean that only 1 percent of total subscribers of the platform play video games, the company maintains its commitment to this product and plans to offer a catalog of around 50 titles by the end of the year, as The Washington Post announced in April.

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