Netanyahu takes office as prime minister of the most right-wing government in Israel’s history

The Israeli Parliament gave the green light this Thursday to the formation of the new government, headed by the right-wing Benjamin Netanyahu, who was sworn in for the sixth time as the country’s prime minister. Unlike what happened in previous mandatesNetanyahu did not achieve an absolute majority and had to agree with his ultra-Orthodox and extreme right. Of the six parties that make up the coalition, three openly declare themselves racist and jewish supremacists.

Netanyahu, who regains power after just over a year and a half in opposition, has established himself as the president who has led the nation the longest. In turn, the new Executive reaffirms itself as the most ultra in the history of Israel. It should be remembered that the leader of Likudthe name given to his political party, had been removed from the throne after receiving several fraud complaintsbribery and breach of trust.

This is the sixth time that Netanyahu has been sworn in as Israel’s prime minister.

The parliamentary session to appoint the new members of the government Israeli lasted for several hours. Of the 120 deputies that make up the Chamber, 63 support the bloc led by Netanyahu, that is, enough to add a tight majority. Among the groups that have supported his investiture, the religion fanatics, xenophobes and homophobes. Outside the Cortes, hundreds of demonstrators protested against the turn to the far right of the recently released government team.

Concern about extremist drift

The tough negotiations Netanyahu with their current coalition partners have ended up granting important concessions to the most conservative sector of the Israeli Parliament. The opposition, multiple analysts and activists have denounced that the inclusion of these politicians in the new Executive represents a serious democratic danger and a laundering of the most extremist positions.

Two of the government pacts endorse recovering the death penalty and promoting discrimination

The president longed to return to power and his allies have been able to seize the opportunity to impose conditions and demand powers. Among the agreements signed by the six government partieshighlight the restoration of the death penalty for those convicted of terrorism or the palestinian flag ban on Israeli soil. In addition, greater funding for the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community is endorsed and a “discrimination clause“, according to which businesses or professionals may refuse to serve any citizen for religious reasons, which could have consequences for the LGTBI collective.

A team bathed in controversy

If the history of Netanyahu is dotted, among other sorrows, by despotism and corruption, that of its new ministers is not far behind. To begin with, of the 30 bags, only five fall into the hands of a woman. The new government of israel has 25 men in charge of the different ministriesfour more than those who made up the previous Executive.

Among the most controversial figures, the Jewish supremacist stands out Itamar Ben Gvir as Minister of National Security or his partner Bezalel Smotrich as Adjunct in Defense, who will be in charge of policies related to the occupied West Bank. Besides, the openly homophobic Orit Struck you will also have a chair in the cabinet. Along with them, the ultra-orthodox aryeh deriwho was appointed Minister of the Interior and Health despite his recent conviction for fiscal fraud and his consequent political disqualification.

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