Neither the 23F, nor the GAL, nor Jesús Gil: only the pardons of María Sevilla and the procès have provoked demonstrations against her

Near 17,000 pardons, according to Civio data, granted by the Government of Spain since 1982 Philip Gonzalez arrive at La Moncloa. During this time, Jose Maria Aznar He has been the president who has granted the most “pardons” and also the one who decided the most controversial pardons, in principle, such as that of Minister José Barrionuevo and Secretary of State, Rafael Vera, for the GAL. However, this decision, beyond political reactions, did not generate protests in the streets against it.

Just the opposite of what has happened with the prisoners of the Procès or against the partial pardon of María Sevilla. Both decisions have occurred in the Government of Pedro Sanchez with protests orchestrated from the opposition and part of the media power through campaigns on social networks.

Not even in the surroundings of the then Herri Batasuna were people thrown into the streets against the GAL pardons, although there was intense political criticism in this regard.

Mobilizations against Irene Montero

Each attack on pardons against women who have suffered the consequences of institutional violence, by denouncing gender violence or abuse of their children by their partners, is also intrinsically a criticism of Equal Opportunity policies. Irene Montero.

In fact, the protest called for Saturday before the Ministry against the pardon of María Sevilla is also a response to wear down the Government, in general, and the Minister Montero in particular.

The demonstration promoted from the Vox environment is part of a campaign of harassment and demolition of the Government since Pedro Sánchez took office as president. And more, especially, since the beginning of the coalition government with United We Can.

The most questioned pardons but without street protests

That he Supreme Court, As in the case of the Procés prisoners, it does not endorse the government’s pardon decision, nor is it something new, as Jose María Aznar knows very well. The then president granted a total of 5,948 pardons and on several occasions did not have the blessing of the High Court.

Among these pardons is the government’s pardon for ten of the twelve sentenced for the kidnapping of Second Sea in 1983 by the GAL, whom they mistook for an ETA leader, Mikel Lujua. But those convicted of the crime also achieved freedom. filesa casethe illegal financing scandal, through companies, of the PSOE at the end of the 1980s.

He was also lucky in the Aznar era Judge Javier Gómez de Liañowho prosecuted Jesús de Polanco, JJuan Luis Cebrian and the entire Board of Directors of Sogecable for an alleged crime of misappropriation and, later, he was convicted of this fact for a crime of prevarication. Aznar granted him a pardon despite the fact that the Supreme Court ruled against the measure of grace.

Zapatero’s pardons

For its part, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero granted a total of 3,381 pardons between 2004 and 2011, including that of the banker Alfredo Saenz, former director of Banco Santander. A measure that also did not have a favorable report from the Supreme Court.

During Zapatero’s Presidency, another controversial pardon was granted, but as in the previous ones, not even the associations of Victims of Terrorism They took to the streets as an act of protest. It was about forgiveness Jose Antonio de la Hoz Urangasentenced to eight years in prison for collaborating with ETA in the kidnapping of industrialist Andrés Gutiérrez Blanco. The victim She remained kidnapped for 47 days in a Getxo home until her family paid 190 million pesetas.

It is noteworthy that the mobilizations in the street, until the pardon of the Procès, took place in previous governments to request pardons and not to protest against them. As happened in the case of Barrionuevo and Vera and whose protest was led by Felipe González himself.


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