Nearby Share streamlines the process of sharing files between devices linked to a Google account

MADRID, Sep. 9 (Portaltic/EP) –

Google has announced an update NearbyShare that streamlines the process of sharing files between different devices Android and ChromeOS of the same user, which is included among the autumn novelties of the operating system.

Nearby Share is the Google equivalent of air drop of Manzana, a service that allows you to instantly transfer files between nearby compatible computers. Now, the company has simplified its use to speed up the process, as explained in a statement.

The new functionality, which will arrive “In the next weeks”will allow the user to transfer files between all the devices linked to their Google account, which will “automatically” accept the receipt of documents even if their screen is turned off.

This feature will begin to be available for phones, tablets and Chromebooks that incorporate Android version 6 or higher, according to another statement published on his blog. In addition, the Mountain View company has announced that it is working on bringing Nearby Share to other platforms, such as computers. Windows.


Google has accompanied this with other autumnal novelties for Android devices. One of them is the renewed Google Drive ‘widget’, which will give direct access to Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets files. In the case of Google Keep, the update means a larger widget and font size to make it easier to access your notes as well.

The technology has also introduced the “emojification” of your messages. A new button on your Gboard virtual keyboard will allow the user to share a phrase of their choice in the form of emoji. This feature is already in the beta of Gboard in English, and will reach the rest of the users of this language in the next weeks.

The section dedicated to ’emojis’ has also received the autumn update in the form of new ‘stickers’ already available on Gboard, which include new combinations of emojis with themes typical of the season, such as pumpkins.

The company has also introduced new Google Meet features. One of them allows you to watch YouTube videos or enjoy classic games like UNO in the company of up to a hundred friends and family at the same time. This feature will come to both Android phones and tablets.

Another novelty of Google Meet that is now available allows you to pin the participants of a video call, such as the boss or a sign interpreter, so that they are always visible during it.

Google has also targeted the hearing-impaired community with the launch of sound notifications within the ‘Instant Transcript and Notifications’ app. This ‘app’ alerts the user when the device detects sounds such as fire alarms or knocks on the door so that they can be taken into account. The technology also offers the option to customize the library of sounds that the device will detect.

For Wear OS watches, updates include a new Google Keep card that offers quick access to notes, to-do lists and voice typing. In addition, Bitmoji will be integrated “soon” into the sphere of these accessories, allowing the user to customize them with their own avatar, whose expressions will vary depending on the time, the weather and their physical activity.

Finally, Google TV has received accessibility improvements. To do this, new auditory descriptions narrate the user live visual information as a movie progresses. At the moment, this function is only available in a list of selected film productions.

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