Nazi group with legal Interior registration raises money for Holocaust deniers

The “revisionists” who deny the Holocaust have collaborators in Spain. Devenir Europeo, the neo-Nazi group that has legal registration as a “historical” association in the file of the Ministry of the Interior, has promoted various support campaigns to European deniers.

The “brown aid” – the name used by neo-Nazis to identify these actions – is focused on activists from different countries who have had problems with the law for deny, undervalue or mock genocide perpetrated by the Nazis.

One of the last campaigns was aimed at supporting the Hitlerite Ursula Haverbeck, a 94-year-old woman who denies the existence of the Holocaust and defines the hell of Auschwitz as only a labor camp, thus ignoring the extermination of human beings that the Nazis carried out in that place.

The “brown aid” appears as one of the main activities of European Becoming. Donations can be made through bank transfers, via Bizum or through contributions in hand during the different semi-clandestine events and conferences organized by the group and which can only be accessed after following a series of instructions issued by those responsible.

This association – the only one in the entire State that He openly declares himself a National Socialist and has legal registration with the Ministry of the Interior – combines these “solidarity” actions with contacts and twinning with neo-Nazi organizations in other European countries.

One of its main partners is the German Third Way party, an organization defined as violent by German anti-racist organizations and a promoter of hate speech against Jews, homosexuals and immigrants.

The Spanish ultras also have links to the Nordic Resistance Movement, a group led by the neo-Nazi simon lindberg which has about 300 militants spread across Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland or Denmark.

Last February, Devenir Europeo organized an event in a hotel in Madrid that featured Lindberg as a star guest. In the lounge of the Madrid hotel where the meeting took place, there were piggy banks with the motto “brown help”.

“Comradeship is a fundamental element in our worldview that forces us to help those who have a hard time for saying what we say,” said Arturo Quijano, one of the organization’s leaders, during that meeting.

“It is necessary that we help those who have given everything and who have gone to the end and who, with their sacrifice, have led to us all being here today,” the activist remarked then, according to the group in a message broadcast through from Telegram.


Devenir Europeo activated another financial support campaign in the case of herve ryssen, a French far-right convicted of calling for violence against Jewish people. “To this day it has accumulated a generous sum of complaints and 17 convictionsmedals awarded by the ‘establishment’ to those who deal the most accurate blows”.

The bank account of Devenir Europeo was also used to collect money for Nikolaos Michaloliakos, founder of the Greek neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party. In 2020, the Athens Court of Appeals handed down 13-year prison terms for Michaloliakos and six other members of that group’s leadership, convicted of forming and leading a criminal gang.

According to the data provided by Devenir Europeo through its website, a dozen Holocaust deniers They have received financial donations from Spain. The amount collected so far would exceed, in total, 7,000 euros.

Support for Spanish neo-Nazis

The money collected through that account was not always directed at neo-Nazis from other countries: in 2010, the Hitlerites used that same number as part of a campaign to support Carlos García Soler, Óscar Panadero and Ramón Bau, three activists who were convicted and later acquitted for dissemination of genocidal ideascrimes of xenophobia and sale of Nazi ideology material.

Ramón Bau is today one of the main ideologues of European Becoming. On June 10, this veteran anti-Semite gave a talk organized by the Aragon branch of the neo-Nazi group. Next to him was a picture of adolf hitler Large size.

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