NATO countries redouble the supply of weapons to Ukraine, with the shipment of tanks as a major objective


NATO countries have already accelerated the supply of weapons to Ukraine in the face of the great battle that is looming in the coming weeks in the Donbas region, with the sending of tanks as a major objective to prepare kyiv for the new phase it is entering war.

After Foreign Minister Dimitro Kuleba asked NATO members for military aid in a matter of days, including heavy equipment such as planes and tanks, the allies are already increasing the volume of material they send to Ukraine to respond. to the Russian invasion.

The Czech Republic opened the ban with the shipment of Soviet tanks, of the T-72 model this week, according to local media. “Believe me, we are sending essential military material to Ukrainian friends. And we will continue to do so,” Defense Minister Jana Cernochová said Tuesday without giving further details.

Allied sources explain to Europa Press that “more and more countries” are ready to take this step, once they have found a way to efficiently send military supplies to Ukraine, and, specifically, point out that Poland will be the next European ally to send tanks to kyiv.

In his case, the Polish government already tried to donate fighter jets to the Ukrainian air forces at the beginning of the invasion, a plan that was finally cut short when it was made public and doubts arose about the logistics of the plan and the possible intervention in the conflict. Now Warsaw could return to the idea and supply at least aeronautical components.

Among European countries there is room to support kyiv with heavy weapons and this is an option for many, European diplomatic sources have confirmed. “It is a matter of political will, there are no legal impediments,” they have summarized.


In the last few days alone, the United States has announced 12,000 anti-tank systems, 1,400 anti-aircraft systems and “hundreds” of drones with the goal that Ukrainian forces have ten anti-tank systems for every Russian tank.

While Slovakia has responded to kyiv’s request by supplying an S-300 anti-aircraft defense system to Ukraine, an aid that will be key to repelling Russian aerial bombardment.

For its part, the United Kingdom has confirmed more than 100 million in anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles and precision munitions, among other materials, and its Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has not ruled out sending armored vehicles, noting that he considers contributing “any form of weapon defense that helps Ukrainians protect themselves.

Germany, at the center of all eyes for its reluctance to send weapons at first, is studying a plan that would involve sending 100 tanks to the conflict in Ukraine and that, however, is pending internal procedures and generates divisions within the governing coalition.

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