‘National Unemployment Day and Jumla Day’ trended on Twitter on PM Modi’s birthday

On the occasion of PM Modi’s 71st birthday on September 17, National Unemployment Day is trending on Twitter, through which Twitter users tried to draw attention to the rising unemployment and deep economic crisis in the country.

Several Twitter users and political parties together ran a social media campaign, which they named today as National Unemployment Day on social media.

Hashtags like #NationalUnemploymentDay, #NationalUnemploymentDay, #JumlaDay and #ModiRozgardo are
trending on Twitter since morning .

These hashtags are part of a campaign against the government’s failure to provide employment.

The Congress on Friday congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his birthday, citing the failures of his government, saying that his birthday was celebrated as ‘Unemployment Day’, ‘Anti-Farmers Day’, ‘Corona Mismanagement Day’ and ‘Inflation Day’. It would be appropriate to celebrate in

Youth Congress workers are demonstrating in many cities of the country.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also became a part of this campaign and he also targeted the central government regarding the increasing unemployment in the country.

He tweeted and wished Modi a happy birthday and then in another tweet said, ‘National unemployed day would not have been needed, if BJP worked for the people, not for the friends’.

At the same time, party spokesperson Supriya Shrinet told reporters, ‘Today is the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, best wishes to him, may he live long.’

Supriya said, ‘Seeing the smiling face of Modi ji in full page advertisements on the cover of every newspaper this morning, one thought that which achievement of Modi ji should be celebrated on his birthday?’

He taunted and said, ‘When we look at the achievements of Prime Minister Modi, in the last seven years, youth stumbling rate for employment, exploited farmers, closed industries, people dying in agony without oxygen, struggling with inflation. The public, the women burning the stove leaving the gas, the sale of big government undertakings, the ED, the CBI and the Income Tax Department, the allies of the BJP, and the faces of some well-known big capitalists come in front of their eyes.

The Congress leader said that Modi’s birthday was celebrated as ‘Unemployment Day, ‘Anti-Farmers Day’, ‘Corona Mismanagement Day’, ‘Inflation Day’, ‘Industry Dim,’ Business Shutdown Day’, ‘Capital Puja Diwas’ and ‘ED, CBI It would be appropriate to celebrate it as ‘IT Red Day’.

At the same time, even during this crisis, BJP and Modi supporters across the country are busy celebrating his birthday with great enthusiasm.

Union minister and Lok Janshakti Party leader Pashupati Kumar Paras called Prime Minister Narendra Modi “another form of God” on his birthday and said he is the most successful head of government since independence.

Paras said, ‘He is another form of God. No one has seen God but Prime Minister Modi is among us who is considered as God and he also decides the fate of the country.

However, this is not the first time Modi has been compared to another form of God.

On the prime minister’s birthday last year, at many places, surprisingly, party workers compared Modi to Hindu gods.

In Maharashtra, BJP spokesperson Avadhoot Vag likened Modi to the 11th incarnation of the Hindu deity Vishnu.

At the same time, in the past, party leaders have compared Modi with Kalki, an incarnation of Vishnu. Four years ago, party’s Manipur leader Laishram Jatra Singh had  launched a book titled Kalki Avatar and Narendra Modi.

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