National Assembly of Nicaragua removes powers from the Court

The constitutional reform removes from this body the power to “supervise the administrative functioning of the Public Registries of Real Estate and Commercial Property, as well as that of the common services offices”, which was established in paragraph 4 of article 165.

The repeal of paragraph 4 disconnects public records from the administration of justice through the National Council of Administration and Judicial Career. Now the Administrative Supervision of these records passes under the control of the Attorney General’s Office. General of the Republic, through the Law of Attachment of the National Registry System (Sinare), also approved this Tuesday.

The Attorney General’s Office is another institution that functions under the interests of the Ortega regime. The Attorney General’s Office has been key in the cancellation process of more than 3,400 non-profit organizations (NPOs/NGOs). All movable and immovable property of the canceled NGOs has been transferred to the Attorney General’s Office, which for critics means confiscation.

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The constitutional reform occurs at a time when the CSJ has been intervened by the Police, under the command of the retired General Commissioner of the Police, Horacio Rocha, which has involved the investigation and arrest of dozens of employees of the judicial branch, including its President Alba Luz Ramos, who was evicted from her office and sent to her home, where she remains surrounded by police patrols, according to different internal sources.

The president of the National Assembly of Nicaragua, Gustavo Porras, loyal to the Ortega government, explained in the plenary session this Tuesday that what the reform of article 165 does is repeal one of the powers of the National Council of Administration and Judicial Career, which is the management of the National Public Registry System, and transferring it to the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic.

The reform was approved with 81 votes in favor, out of a total of 91 deputies. The 10 deputies of the Constitutional Liberal Party (PLC) bench abstained from voting.

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