Nancy Pelosi announces her retirement as Democratic leader of the House of Representatives

The president of the House of Representatives American, Nancy Pelosi82, announced Thursday his retired as leader of the Democratic formation in that hemicycle in the next legislature. Pelosi explained that will keep his seat, but that he will not seek re-election. His succession in the lower house indicates that he will pass to the Republican kevin mccarthythe candidate of that party with the most possibilities.

The one who has been the first and only woman to preside over the House of Representatives in the history of USA explained that, in his opinion, “it is time that they lead the Democrats a new generation“. Pelosi was grateful that as of January, when the new Congress that emerged from the mid-term elections of last November 8 is installed, there will be “Many” who want to take that responsibility on their shoulders.

Pelosi, what does he wear? Two decades leading the Democrats in the US House of Representatives, had anticipated on November 7 that the attack suffered by her husband at the end of October at the family home of San Francisco by a man who was looking for her was going to influence in deciding your future.

First woman

She made history by becoming the first woman to preside over the House of Representatives in 2007

Born in Baltimore (Maryland) and mother of five children, made history by becoming the first woman to preside over the House of Representatives in 2007, a position she held until 2011 when the Democrats lost their majority in that chamber.

The representative for San Francisco was once again the third in line of succession presidential, behind the vice president, when she was re-elected in January 2019 as the highest authority in Congress, a position that she renewed in 2021 and in which she is currently in her fourth term.

In this time he has marked his trajectory of his enmity with the former Republican president donald trump (2017-2021). It was she who initiated the two political trials against him in 2019 for her pressure on Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and in 2021 for the assault on the Capitol on January 6 of that year, of which he was acquitted.

election results

His announcement comes a day after it was confirmed that the Conservatives have regained control of the House of Representatives by already having insured 218 of the 435 seats in contention, the minimum required to enjoy the majority.

In the Senate, for their part, the Democrats retain power with half the votes. 100 seats and the vice-president’s tie-breaking vote, Kamala HarrisTherefore, starting in January, the leadership of Congress will be divided between both parties.

In this second stage of the legislature, Joe Biden it will be much more difficult to govern. Even so, it should be remembered that the president of the United States has the possibility of veto proposals get out of Congress.

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