Nana Calistar’s horoscopes for today, February 12

On her social networks and on her blog, the astrologer announced the scenario for this day. The day will bring different scenarios for each of the signs of the Zodiac and everyone will have to face different demands and challenges. Following, the Nana Calistar’s horoscopes for February 12.


On days when you feel discouraged the answer will be love, if you are in a relationship you will enter a stage of maturation. They will feel reflective because next month is their birthday, they will probably feel melancholy for the people who are no longer by their side. They have to improve their habits to improve their daily lives. They will have difficulty expressing what they think, but honesty is the best, as long as they are respectful.


Changes will come in the work area that will leave you extra money, dedicate it to paying off your debts. Stop worrying about what they will say, get the people who cause you stress out of your life. Do not spend on what you do not need, manage your money well, save for those times when there are financial difficulties. If you are in a relationship, express your feelings instead of acting out. If you are single, new opportunities to fall in love will come.


Interesting people will come into your life with whom you can start a good relationship and get away from cheap loves, It is time to close cycles and start from scratch to receive the surprises that life has prepared for you. Changes are coming at work that will take you on the right path to achieve your goals. Don’t spend on what you don’t need if you don’t want to suffer later with debt, make a budget and stick to it. If you are single, don’t settle for just anyone for fear of being alone, demand true love.


They have to set limits and learn to say no, they were not born to please everyone, Show the world what you are capable of and let no one get in the way of your goals. A surprise will arrive that will make them very happy. It’s time to bet on that idea that has been around your head, trust your heart. Don’t let negative people ruin your day, focus on your goals.


A second chance to fall in love will come, but they must control their character and be careful about rushing things, they must go step by step to avoid making the same mistakes. If you are in a relationship, it is likely that your partner is not appreciating all your efforts, take the reins and don’t expect everything to take care of itself. At work, your way of solving problems will be the key to your success, although you will have to endure the envy of some, keep going.


Stop worrying about people who hinder you and focus on those who always support you. You will feel with good energy and eager to achieve all your goals that will begin to materialize in the coming weeks. You will feel somewhat confused due to your past, do not allow that to affect your path, do not sit idly by, review the opportunities well, but do not make hasty decisions, calculate well. If you have a partner, you have to put more effort into your relationship, and if you are single, pay attention, because you could find someone compatible, just don’t be too demanding.


Be careful with fleeting loves, they will only bring you problems and you could get hurt. Stop worrying about others and enjoy life, you have to close cycles and stop complaining about what has already happened. There is an issue that has them very stressed, they have to face the situation once and for all, if it is something work-related, talk to their boss and look for solutions, do not be afraid of failure.


They will receive a surprise from a person they are interested in. It is time for them to close the cycle that has not allowed them to move forward, changes are coming that could mean profits if they make the right decisions. If someone invites you out, accept, it could be the start of something special or meet a person who will later open the doors of an interesting opportunity for you. Take good care of your money, although you have it now, you must manage it well if you do not want to have problems later.

Nana Calistar, her horoscopes today.


Nana Calistar/Facebook


Try not to expect anything from anyone if you don’t want to leave disappointed. If they fall, they will get back up stronger, so don’t give them second chances, you know who can be loyal and who will only break your heart. You are looking for peace of mind and today is the day to put a stop to those thoughts that have you stressed, listen to your heart and accept that there are situations that cannot change. When it comes to money, manage it well, spend consciously. If you are in a relationship you have to value more who you have by your side.


A person will get very close to you, be careful, because it could get you into trouble. They are not enjoying their daily lives and have worried about those who are not worth it. Two important loves will arrive that will put them at a crossroads, be careful not to risk too much. Today will be a great day if you adapt to what others think, if you have a good idea, express it, but don’t get upset if you don’t take it into account, the important thing is that you flow and have a good time. In love, a person who caught a lot of attention will come back to you, don’t let the opportunities pass you by.


If you are in a relationship and your partner has been distant, talk honestly and you will understand why. This week you will feel very sensitive and anything that happens around you could affect you. They have to focus on the projects they have in mind. A good opportunity will come to conquer the person you are interested in, so don’t waste your time, this week the stars are on your side, the person you like may be afraid of commitment, don’t worry, you can change that situation.


A friend is not being honest with you and could involve you in gossip. You will feel confused about which path to follow, do not worry, positive days are coming, but you have to meditate on the decisions you are making, the changes will make you learn from your mistakes so as not to make them again. Don’t stay away from your family, go visit them, you will be filled with good energy. There are times when you feel overwhelmed, but you need to take better care of yourself both physically and emotionally, give yourself a moment to meditate and find the peace you need.

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