Nadal: “I have never said it like that, but there are three weeks left for Paris”

The Spanish tennis player acknowledges that Madrid is coming “justillo” in preparation after breaking a rib

“In the middle of the season the stoppages are very bad”


The Spanish tennis player Rafa Nadal confessed this Sunday that the Mutua Madrid Open “comes just for him at the level of preparation” although he recovered from his rib injury six weeks ago, “a very bad break” in the most important part of his season, a tour of land that this year he recognizes since he has his sights on Roland Garros.

“I’m fine, recovered from the injury. Talking about my tennis and my preparation is another story. Anyone who has broken a rib knows what it limits and what hurts, especially in the first weeks,” said the five-time champion in the capital, in his first press conference at La Caja Mágica.

The Balearic player broke a rib in the Indian Wells semifinal, lost the final battered and then had to stop completely. “I couldn’t even sleep well, but little by little I was able to go to the gym. It’s not a very important injury, but it’s true that it didn’t let me do anything. I tried not to move much, to recover as quickly as possible, so I spent four weeks without train,” he said.

“I started two weeks ago with half an hour a day, very easy. I am very happy to be here again. I still have a couple of days to recover more. I still have some ups and downs, it will be a tough week for sure. Things will not go perfection but you just have to fight”, added a Nadal who explained the bad thing about a break now.

The champion of 21 ‘big’ has already returned from six months of inactivity in 2022 with an incredible streak of 20 victories, with the titles of Australia, Melbourne and Acapulco. However, in the middle of the year, recovering that level is more complicated, with which Nadal confessed that he is in a kind of preseason right now.

“What happened in Australia was almost a miracle, we are in a different situation. With the rib injury I couldn’t prepare and now I’m doing it, that’s why I’m doing a double session today and the day before yesterday…, I’m taking a Little like preseason. Without thinking that this tournament may be very just for me, it is a reality at the level of preparation, “he explained.

Nadal pointed out that he only started serving a couple of days ago and, given his situation, he has no choice but to think about going little by little, with a longer-term and larger goal such as Roland Garros. “You have to take it a little this way, praise all the positive things that come, if it’s a fantastic victory, but a little patience. I practically started serving here in Madrid. The serve is what I started later”, he pointed out .

“I have a few weeks to get in shape. I’ve never said it like that, because for me all tournaments are very important, and more so in this part of the season. I’m not going to lie to you, it’s been hard not being able to play in Monte Carlo and Barcelona , and get here justillo. But I have three weeks left for Paris and unfortunately this year I do have to take it that way. I’m happy with how the year had started but after five months without playing, with everything it had cost at the level that I was, that he breaks my rib, he has noses,” he added.

“It has been an important break, very bad at the moment of the season, but I am not much to complain about. There is nothing left but to look forward, with enthusiasm and determination. In the middle of the season the breaks are very bad, the others have followed and it costs a little more. It is a challenge for me and I hope to be ready”, he insisted.

On the other hand, Nadal described Wimbledon’s decision to ban Russian and Belarusian tennis players from participation because of Russia’s war against Ukraine, and stated that the ATP is studying measures to take. “Very unfair in the face of my colleagues. There is little they can do, what is their fault for what is happening with the war. I feel very sorry for them and I wish it were not like that. This is what it is, we will see what happens”, said.

“We are going to see what happens, if the players make some kind of decision in this regard. When the Government puts in place some measures, you have to follow them. The Government gives a recommendation and Wimbledon makes the most drastic decision possible without being forced. We will have to see the measures that are taken, it is a very unfair thing but unfortunately at this moment there is so much misfortune that what happens in our sport is of no importance when there are so many people suffering and dying”, he concluded.

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