Mukesh Ambani gave success mantras to the students of PDU University

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Mumbai: In the 11th convocation of Pandit Deendayal Urja University, Reliance Industries Chairman and famous industrialist Mukesh Ambani told the students the secrets of success. He told the students that there is no shortcut to achieve success. Success achieved through shortcuts is also short term only. If you work hard with full determination and then you get the success you want, that is a definite success.

Addressing the students of PDEU, Mukesh Ambani said, “Whenever I come here, I feel a different energy. Looking at the students here, I feel that the future of the country is in safe hands. The students here are working hard. As a result, it is the first private university in Gujarat to be awarded A++ grade by NAAC and its students have obtained patents and copyrights for more than 150 inventions and products.

Don’t be afraid of challenges- Mukesh Ambani

Addressing the students, the Chairman of Reliance Industries said that now you will come to the real world. Here you will face many challenges, but you do not have to be afraid of them. This will teach you a lot of new things. Along with this, you always have to set big goals. After this, you have to work hard to complete them. But during this time you have to control yourself. There is no wrong path to take to achieve your goal.

‘You always have to be hungry for new knowledge’

Mukesh Ambani told the students that you have to always be hungry for new knowledge. One must always be ready to learn something new. Keep in mind that during this time you will always have to remain open minded. Sometimes even someone younger than you can teach you a lot. Therefore, keep in mind that never allow yourself to think that someone younger than you in position or age cannot teach you anything.

‘Never let pride come inside you’

Along with this, always remain polite. Never let pride come inside you. Keep in mind, the day pride creeps into you, your development will stop. Always take your teammates and team along, don’t underestimate anyone. With this, your success is certain and you will always keep moving forward in life.

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