MSI clarifies that the bug that triggered the blue screen of death on computers with its boards was due to the firmware

MADRID, September 6 (Portaltic/EP) –

M: YES has reported that a problem in the configuration of the ‘firmware’ of the hybrid architecture of Intel It was the trigger for the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) that some Intel computers mounted on their motherboards began to display after upgrading to Windows 11.

Microsoft released the update in mid-August KB5029351, Windows 11 build 22621.2215, with the aim of improving and fixing bugs found in previous versions of the operating system.

This update, however, also caused a bug that led some of the users to see the so-called blue screen of death -which appears when serious problems occur that cause Windows to shut down or restart unexpectedly-, with the message of mistake ‘UNSUPPORTED_PROCESSOR’.

Knowing this scenario, Microsoft began to investigate why this error occurred and MSI did too, since it was detected that the failure affected computers with Intel processors mounted on their 600 and 700 series motherboards.

As a result of this analysis, which it has carried out together with Intel, MSI has clarified that this error occurred on computers with compatible 13th generation Intel Core i9 processors. Specifically, in those in which the versions of the Microsoft operating system will be installed Windows 11 (22H2 OS Build 2221.2215 and 22H1 OS Build 22000.2360) and Windows 10 (22H2 OS Build 19045.3393).

MSI has clarified that it has managed to find the failure, which originated from an error in the configuration of the ‘firmware’ of Intel’s hybrid architecture, as indicated in a statement.

To solve this problem, it has announced that it will launch new BIOSes at the end of September that will include an update to the uCode for the 600 and 700 series boards, which will prevent further processor support failure messages and that can be downloaded on their website.

Thus, a solution has been provided to the BSoD of the motherboard models MEG Z790 ACE, MGP Z790 CARBON WIFI, MPG Z790 EDGE WIFI, MAG Z790 TOMAHAWK WIFI, PRO Z790-A WIFI, PRO Z790-P and PRO Z690-A, as indicated by MSI.

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