Mrunal Thakur: Searching for Mrunal Thakur in Hyderabad

Mrunal Thakur: Mrunal Thakur’s Telugu audience became very close after the movie ‘Seetharaman’. Everyone, be it youth or family audience, connected to her amazing performance as Sita. Not only in Telugu but also in Telugu as well as in Tamil and Malayalam, Mrinal Thakur has become a star heroine in every film industry in South. On the other hand, she is getting good opportunities in Bollywood too. In the south, especially in Telugu and Tamil films, offers are queuing up for sale.

Mrinal is also working on turning the craze in her favour. Bengali Beauty is planning to cover both South and North. It is known that she is currently acting as a heroine in Nani 30 in Telugu. How is her role going to be in this movie? Everyone is eagerly waiting for that. A schedule shooting of Nani 30 has also been completed. The second schedule will start soon.

Anyway, the Tollywood range has increased. A large number of Pan India films are being made from here. In this background, Mrinal Thakur thought that it would be good to have a house in Hyderabad and was looking for a house of his own. Mrinal also recently revealed on her Instagram that she has tied up with Benchmark Talents, a leading talent management agency in the South, to establish herself in the South.

Apart from Telugu, Manal is getting offers from Kollywood and Mollywood. It seems that Bhama, who is already doing a Telugu film, is going to announce his Tamil or Malayalam film soon. There are rumors that Mrinal has been offered a pivotal role in Surya 42, which is already popular Tamil hero Surya’s movie.

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