Mozilla introduces new tabs and personalized recommendations in Pocket for Android

MADRID, Jan. 25 (Portaltic/EP) –

Mozilla has announced the introduction of new tabs, personalized recommendations and options for archiving content in Pocket, news that it will roll out with different updates for devices with Android operating system.

Pocket is a tool that allows Mozilla users to save different types of content, such as blogs, news channels, web pages and videos, which can be easily accessed from any device.

Thanks to this functionality, which is free and can be used by clicking the button located in the browser’s address bar, pages can be saved in a clean view for access it from any deviceas long as you are logged in with an account.

The company has indicated that, based on comments and opinions, it will implement a series of updates with functions demanded by users, so that they can “easily find the stories and topics that interest them.”

Mozilla has pointed out that has created a new Home tab, where you can explore suggested web pages according to the interests of the users. This also includes saved links, located at the top of the screen, as well as new content from recommendations or specific categories (tech, travel, entertainment, etc.).

In this sense, the company has indicated that it will add new functions to this first interface, so that users can “continue discovering and saving high-quality content.”

On the other hand, he has indicated that he has simplified accessing recently saved web pages, so he has changed the name from ‘My list’ to ‘Saved’, where it hosts this content. Also, has redesigned the section to allow users to filter these links by tags, favorites and featured, as well as edit them in bulk.

In this way, you have moved the filters to a carousel at the top of the page and added a button so they can be archive these pages Webas well as the callsign ‘Listen’ on that button.

Mozilla has indicated that it has worked on these features on the Android operating system, the version of the application in which it will deploy these features throughout this month.

It has also indicated that many of these features will be available in the next browser update in its version for iOSwhich will implement this year.

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