Moyá: “The day that ‘Cholo’ leaves it will be more by his decision than by Atlético”


The Atlético de Madrid exporter Miguel Ángel Moyá believes that Diego Pablo Simeone’s stage in the rojiblanco team is not over yet and that “the day he leaves it will be more his own decision” than the club’s, while he sees an advantage that the mattress team depends on itself in the end of the League.

“If you ask me that, I tell you with my hand on my heart. They asked me six months ago when things were a little hesitant and I think that ‘Cholo’ has so much merit that he has to do very badly to leave, What’s more, I think that the day he leaves it will be more by his own decision than by Atlético de Madrid”, Moyá commented on who was his coach during a charity paddle tennis tournament between legends of Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid organized by Nacex.

The exporter attributes Atlético’s irregular championship to “the days that they may not have had the opportunity to reach the goal and have the ‘punch’ they have”. “He is the one who has scored the most goals with respect to the shots they have and when they have the option to arrive, they can do damage there,” he warned.

Moyá believes that facing the end of the League it is important that they “come together” and puts the focus on “the mentality, the emotion and the motivation”. “It depends on them, it’s the best thing that can happen to them, but Betis is behind them and Real to know, so we have to push,” said the Spaniard.

On the controversy surrounding whether or not to make a corridor to Real Madrid in the derby, Moyá was “in favor” of making this gesture “because some days you have to do it and other days receive it.” “And although it is a gesture that does not lead to anything, because then the game will start and nothing will happen. And if he does not do it, they will also explain the reasons to us later,” he said.

For the former goalkeeper, doing or not doing the corridor “is something that comes from within each one.” “Starting from the basis that it is not mandatory because it is in the hands of whoever does it to decide whether to do it or not,” stressed Moyá, who does not relate this possible corridor to the results of Atlético de Madrid this season.

“I have always thought, although there is a movement that makes it seem like the corridor is demeaning or that it can humiliate the team that makes it, that it is the opposite, that the one that makes the corridor is much better exposed to the people than the that receives it. It remains as a show of lordship, but since it is not mandatory, if each one does not do it, of course, they will have their reasons,” he explained.


Referring to the Champions League semi-final match between Real Madrid and Manchester City, he was full of praise for Thibaut Courtois and his “memorable season”. “For me this year he is the best goalkeeper in both the League and the Champions League,” he said.

Moyá believes that Real Madrid’s comeback “isn’t just a matter of luck”. “Apart from the quality, he has a mentality that is amazing and Guardiola already warned him in the previous one, Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea also knew it and it has happened again, so congratulate them because what has happened is quite meritorious” , remarked the exporter.

The former goalkeeper for Valencia or Real Sociedad, among others, said that Real Madrid’s mentality “can be worked on but it depends a lot on each player.” “Most of them are already players with a lot of hierarchy and surely what they transmit to the rest, to the youngsters, is very useful. I think that what happened at the Bernabéu cannot be scientifically proven, again, and better than they can explain it no one,” he admitted.

Finally, facing the Champions League final on May 28 against Liverpool, Moyá sees a very different scenario, because “these were knockout rounds, where you can manage those 180 minutes a little bit, the local factor and the visitor” and in Sain -Denis “the field will be divided in two”, attributing to both teams a 50 percent chance of taking the title.

“Real Madrid has an impressive love affair with the Champions League and Liverpool is the fittest team, with Manchester City, in Europe, even though it fell against Madrid yesterday,” Moyá said. “If Liverpool have a first half like the one they did at Villarreal, then Real Madrid can also get their hands on it,” he said.

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