Moroccan villages…the most affected by the earthquake disaster


The devastating earthquake that struck cities and villages in Morocco left behind significant damage to livelihoods, causing many human tragedies and difficulties, especially among rural residents.

With the exception of the city of Marrakesh (central), which witnessed the collapse of several buildings, it is noted that the earthquake caused major losses and damage to villages but not cities, according to Anadolu’s correspondent and eyewitnesses.

The earthquake, which measured 7 degrees on the Richter scale and whose epicenter was in the Al Haouz region (central), struck several cities on Friday evening, most notably Marrakesh, Agadir, and Taroudant (central), and its aftershock reached the capital, Rabat, Casablanca, Meknes, and Fez (north), causing 2,122 deaths and 2,421 injuries. Sunday evening, according to an official, non-final tally.

According to local media, most of the victims fell in the mountainous areas of Marrakesh and Taroudant.

According to the Anadolu correspondent, the earthquake strongly struck the villages on the outskirts of the Chichaoua region, such as “Egerman,” “Ticht,” “Abardaten,” and “Takadirt,” all of which belong to the “Adesel” rural municipality.

Omar Ahmad, one of the affected people in the village of Egerman, told Anadolu Agency, “All the villages (rural areas) in the region were severely damaged by the earthquake.”

He added: “Until now, we do not have drinking water, and the collapse of buildings has caused the death of people’s livestock.”

The village of Edesel was not spared the extent of the destruction, as the earthquake destroyed many homes.

Muhammad Al-Aoun, a resident of the town, stressed to Anadolu Agency the need to urgently support housing, after the destruction witnessed by the villages of the town.

He added that the livestock of many people in the area died due to the collapse of buildings.

Anadolu correspondent witnessed the arrival of assistance teams who distributed mattresses and set up tents.

A family lost its first breadwinner, another family lost its mother, and a third completely died, a story forgotten in another story, while sadness descended on the region.

The support mission is difficult, and the roads are difficult, as stones fall from the mountains adjacent to the roads. In return, the authorities used tractors to open the road.

Some small villages far from the main roads are groaning in suffering, as their residents cannot even find food supplies.

The people of the village of Addisel volunteered to bring products, mattresses, and clothes, as these young men came from distant cities to stand with their towns.​​​​​​

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