Moreno will receive the Caparrós family and the Andalusian PP acknowledges that he was a victim in defense of democracy

Four years later, after having ignored them all this time, the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, will meet with the family, the three sisters, of Manuel José García Caparrós, shot dead in the demonstration on December 4, 1977 in Malaga. She will do it on Monday, November 28 at 1:30 p.m. Last Tuesday they called the family from the president’s office and told them that Moreno wanted to speak with them in person about 4-D and receive them in San Telmo.

The president of the Junta, who has just declared by decree December 4 as Andalusian Flag Day, an old claim of Andalusianism, when two million people took to the streets to claim freedom and autonomy, did not stop there , in the human gesture of seeing the family, which was also requested 15 days ago by the spokesperson for Por Andalucía, Inma Nieto.

Thus, the Andalusian PP decided amend a non-legal proposal of Adelante Andalucía to declassify all the documents on his death and recognize that García Caparrós was a victim in defense of democracy.

In addition, it expanded –which the Andalusian party accepted– the proposal to include García Caparrós in the census provided for in the Andalusian Memory Lawto register in the inventory of places of memory the place of the shots and build a path that remembers all the events that led to the death.

The proposal, after the agreement between the PP and Adelante, was voted on and received the vote in favor of all the parties, except Vox, who was left alone. The spokesman for the extreme right, Benito Morillo, branded the left as “hypocrites”, called the Verdiblanca “invented flag” and then “enlightened” Blas Infante, without citing him.

The crime of García Caparrós went unpunished and was falsely closed both the judicial investigation and a commission that was opened in Congress. The family has so far unsuccessfully claimed all documentation on the case. Regarding this matter, the book by Rosa Burgos, Las muertes de García Caparrós, and the documentary 23 shots by Jorge Laplace are highly recommended.

sacrosanct transition

The speech of the PP deputy, Bruno García León, was a turning point and led Teresa Rodríguez, spokesperson for Adelante Andalucía, to affirm that it seemed to her “a sincere conviction” as a result of having investigated and informed herself. “A while ago it was a madness, a heresy against the sacrosanct transition. Today, fortunately, a little late, we are able to understand each other and reconcile ourselves with our history,” Rodríguez said.

García León spoke of the “violent death” of García Caparrós and condemned it “roundly”. The PP deputy called García Caparrós “a young worker who joined those demonstrations” and greeted recognized the family “his legitimate victim of the truth”: “It is a death still with shadows and we demand that light be put on that shadow: we do it with any victim,” he admitted.

The PP deputy recommended the book by Rosa Burgos and also the exciting speech by Antonio Banderas on February 28 2013, when García Caparrós was named Favorite son of Andalusia posthumously. “Nobody owns the country, nobody owns Andalusia. We come to propose and recognize his figure: thanks to Teresa Rodríguez for her willingness to dialogue. Manuel José’s memory is still alive in our land.”

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