Moreno is re-elected president of the Andalusian Government with the votes in favor of the PP and the abstention of Vox

Juanma Moreno (PP) was elected president of the Board for the second time – his inauguration will be this Saturday – in a very different environment than the first time, in January 2019. Then, Moreno, by surprise, together with Vox and Ciudadanos managed to break for the first time the majorities of the left that the Andalusians had always chosen. Moreno was president after closing a coalition government with Ciudadanos and an investiture pact, in parallel, with Vox.

Three and a half years later, Moreno has an absolute majority, won at the polls, which he avoids calling by name – he prefers to resort to the euphemism sufficient majority, which sounds better to him – but which on this occasion has easily facilitated the re-election on the first ballot.

The PP voted for its candidate and also achieved the “affectionate abstention” – these were the words used by Olona – from Vox, which supported three budgets in the last legislature and which in this legislature has guaranteed a loyal opposition, but without a blank check. The rest of the parties –PSOE, Por Andalucía, Adelante Andalucía– voted against.

Moreno and his parliamentary spokesman, Toni Martín, made an effort in the investiture debate to remind themselves that absolute majorities are carried by the devil and they summoned themselves to govern as if they did not have it. “Help me never fall into complacency,” he said in fact at a moment in plenary session Moreno to Martín. “That the majority does not throw us off center and does not lead us to lose our way,” Moreno told his party.

Both Moreno and Martín – who fondly remembered the deceased Podemos deputy, the Andalusian José Luis Serrano – offered to accept proposals from the left and also from the extreme right of Vox. A friendly parliamentary climate, in which there is more talk about issues in search of solutions, and less about politics is what Moreno is looking for.


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