More than 3,000 people evacuated in Dresden after the discovery of a World War II bomb


The German authorities have ordered this Thursday the evacuation of about 3,300 people from the city of Dresden (east) after the discovery of a bomb of about 250 kilograms dating from World War II, as confirmed by the Police.

The local police have detailed that the device has been located during construction work in the city and has added that “the specialists from the bomb squad have examined the bomb, made in the United States, and have determined that the detonator is significantly deformed. “.

Thus, he stressed in a statement that “the deactivation with a cutting system is scheduled for Thursday afternoon.” “Until the deactivation, the Police will continue to cordon off the area,” she has indicated, while agents move through the area with loudspeakers to inform residents of these plans.

The authorities have also opened emergency shelters, although they have asked the population to go only if they have no other option for temporary accommodation.

During World War II, the city was devastated in a series of bombing raids carried out in February 1945, resulting in the death of around 25,000 civilians. Since then numerous unactivated bombs have been found in the town.

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