More than 100 dead and 200 injured by Israeli attacks in the last 24 hours, according to Gaza

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip reported this Saturday that more than a hundred people died and more than two hundred were injured in the last hours in different parts of Gaza by attacks by the Israeli Army.

Al-Aqsa Hospital, in the center of the Palestinian enclave, counted 71 dead and 160 injured during the last 24 hours by Israeli bombings, according to a statement from the Ministry, controlled by the Islamist group Hamas. In southern Gaza, the Nasser Hospital recorded 62 dead and 99 injuredaccording to this source.

The Ministry called on health organizations operating in the strip to “establish medical points and mobile clinics” specially in Khan Yunis and Rafahin the south of the Palestinian enclave, to care for the thousands displaced, given “their inability to access health services.”

The situation in Gaza’s medical centers is “catastrophic” due to the lack of fuel to generate electricity or the shortage of minimal medical resources to care for the sick and injured, which has caused many health facilities to be out of service or serving at their limit, as the Ministry has been denouncing.

As Health has warned, these health resources have been attacked by Israel, which for its part considers that the basements and surroundings of medical centers in Gaza are used as hiding place for the military infrastructure of the Islamist group.

The Israeli Army tries to control Jan Yuniswhich it considers Hamas’s “stronghold” in Gaza, in its offensive against the terrorist group, which continues to increase daily the number of dead and injured in the Palestinian strip is in the hundreds.

Rafah receives thousands of displaced people

Many of the displaced have had to change accommodation two or three times

The area of Rafahin the extreme south of Gaza and close to the border with Egypt, is receiving tens of thousands of displaced people from Jan Yunis and other areas further north since the end of the truce and suffers increasing levels of overcrowding, as warned this Saturday. United Nations in his daily report on the conflict in the Palestinian enclave.

Many of the displaced are in tents and other makeshift accommodation on the Al Quds University campus and in a building under construction for the future Qatar Hospitalindicated the report from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Under these conditions, thousands of people have to queue for hours to receive humanitarian aid in the form of food, water and other basic goods, while further north in Rafah the distribution of this assistance has basically stopped for hostilities and movement restrictions.

The document emphasizes that many of the 1.9 million displaced They have had to change accommodation two or three times since October, as the fighting has spread from the north to the south.

Attacks on hospitals increase

The Al Awda hospital in Jabalia reported this Friday that one of its doctors was shot dead

The report also denounces the first attacks on sanitary facilities in Khan Yunisas happened a few weeks ago with the hospitals in the capital of Gaza and other towns in the northern half of the strip, amid accusations from Israel that they were used as refuge by Hamas.

In Khan Yunis, this Friday the bombings reached Al Amal Hospital and the adjacent offices of the Palestinian Red Crescent, as well as another hospital, Yaffa, in Deir Al Balah, in the middle area of ​​the strip, although it is unknown at the moment whether these incidents caused any casualties.

Meanwhile, the Khan Yunis European Hospitalone of the main ones in southern Gaza, has already reported shortages of supplies of medicine or blood for transfusions.

With a theoretical capacity for 370 patients, it is now treating about a thousand, many of them on the floor for lack of bedsindicated the report, which also mentioned that operations are being performed without anesthesia and that some are also taking refuge in the hospital. 70,000 internally displaced.

The hostilities in Khan Younis have also forced the closure of one of the nine health centers of the UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA).

In northern Gaza, one of the two hospitals still in operation, the Al Awda of Jabaliahas been surrounded by Israeli troops and tanks for two days, the fighting continues in its surroundings and on Friday it was reported that a doctor from the center was murdered of a shot.

Nearly a million displaced girls and boys

Adele Khodr: “The Gaza Strip is the most dangerous place in the world to be a child”

Nearly a million boys and girls have been “forcibly displaced from their homes” in the Gaza Strip, where “they are now pushed” towards overcrowded and unserviced areas in the extreme south of the enclave in the face of Israel’s ferocious offensive, the director of UNICEF for the Middle East and North Africa denounced this Saturday, Adele Khodrit’s a statement.

According to the person in charge, these conditions put these children “at higher risk” from contracting respiratory infections and waterborne diseases, while “Their lives are even more threatened” from dehydration, malnutrition and disease.

“The Gaza Strip is the most dangerous place in the world to be a child,” Khodr recalled, adding that, according to reports received by the UN agency, “Dozens of children are killed or injured every day.”

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