More Madrid denounces that the Municipal Police uses taser pistols despite the judicial prohibition

More Madrid denounces that, despite the courts have paralyzed since May 13 the use of taser guns or “electronic control devices” and the cameras that are carried along with the first for the Municipal Police of Madrid, this body continues to use them, as police sources have confirmed to the party.

The 26th Court of Madrid established on May 13 that the municipal police force of the capital lacked the necessary authorization for the use of the video surveillance cameras that work connected to the taser guns, and therefore agreed “to the suspension of the use of the CCP cameras by the members of the Madrid Municipal Police during the processing of this procedure, and until a final judgment is handed down in this proceeding”. Camera operation is dependent on the taser, since it begins to record with the activation of the weapon by an agent. In addition, according to the Municipal Police Magazine of January 2020, the cameras of the rest of the agents involved in an operation are also put into operation.

The Union of Municipal Police (UPM) denounced the absence of the permission that the Government Delegation must give for the use of these devices. The police, by using these cameras, run a legal risk since they violate the current law. Taser pistols are used by agents in all districts and shifts of the Central Security Units (UCS) and Security Support Units (UAS).

The Municipal Police with the most tasers

The Municipal Police of Madrid has been using the weapon —according to the order of May 13, without the pertinent authorization— since December 2020, and it is the police force of these characteristics that has the most taser pistols. Two contracts published in October 2020 and August 2021 show that the Madrid City Council acquired 696 personal cameras and 346 taser pistols, plus those it could acquire through smaller contracts. More than 1,537,996.17 euros have been invested in “taser guns” and “body cameras”.

More Madrid denounces the relations between the City Council and a company that supplies taser pistols

The Municipal Police has used the taser pistols three times since its implementation in the body, although it has requested its use eleven times, according to the delegate of the Spokesperson, Security and Emergencies, Inmaculada Sanz. There are currently 347 Municipal Police components certified to use these devices.

More Madrid also denounces relations between the company AXON/NIDECone of the main suppliers of this type of device, and the Madrid City Council. As confirmed by the party, several of the AXON/NIDEC employees are also municipal police officers in the capital. In addition, the company uses the image of the police force as part of its advertising campaign, something that has been seen at trade fairs such as IFEMA. The General Director of the Municipal Police, Pablo Enrique Rodríguez, recognized in the Ordinary Permanent Commission of Spokesman, Security and Emergencies of the Madrid City Council (CPOP) of January 2020 that several trainers worked at AXON.

No medical risk training

The training of the agents for the use of these weapons, according to Más Madrid, lacked a protocol, contravening what Amnesty International (AI) indicates and other international reports. The party claims that instructions on medical risks and first aid and the importance of protecting human rights were not included.

Regarding tasers, AI denounces that “although they are classified as less than lethal, they carry a series of risks that can cause serious harm or even death.” The darts that incorporate these weapons “can cause penetrating injuries to the skin, eyes, head and internal organs, which can be serious.” The organization recalls that there are people who, due to certain physical conditions, are more vulnerable to this type of weapon, such as minors, the elderly, people with cardiac risks such as arrhythmias or people who use pacemakers and pregnant women.


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