Morales says he fears a setup and even an attack from the government

Referring to sources from the Ministry of Government, the head of the Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS) Evo Morales said this Sunday that he learned that the Executive has decided to “destroy” it this month, for which he fears that for this purpose a set-up and even a attack against him.

Already in September 2022, he had denounced that there is a government plan against him, although on that occasion he had targeted the Ministry of Defense and some heads of the Armed Forces. He then spoke of a “black plan”, which was rejected from official sources.

Ten months later, he said that on a recent visit to Cochabamba a “government advance guard” followed the vehicle where he was. “I don’t know if it was to intimidate us or to identify us,” she said.

He explained that to this is added the control that they carry out now when he travels inside or outside the country, despite the fact that he has a diplomatic passport in his capacity as former president.

“I have information… this June the Government is going to destroy Evo, I don’t know if it will be with a lawsuit, it will be with some setup (…) The Government has a plan on how to destroy Evo, it is not gossip. It will be a setup, it will be a lawsuit, it will be an attack, I don’t know, ”he said on his Sunday program on Radio Kausachun Coca.

He said that now, when he travels, they check his luggage and that of his companions even with anti-drug dogs, when they do not do the same in cases as serious as the recent discovery of the shipment of almost half a ton of drugs to Spain on a flag airline flight. Bolivian Aviation.

In this case, he reiterated that the real perpetrators remain unpunished and asked that an immigration alert be issued against some ministers, although he did not identify them.

“It would be important to seriously think that the authorities that really have to do with the investigation topic on this drug trafficking issue, I don’t know if it corresponds to the National Police or the Attorney General, a requirement of migratory alert. I publicly ask for some high authorities of the government, ”he declared.

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