Montero asks Llarena not to enter into the legitimacy of politics to legislate, after criticizing the reform of the CP

He accuses the PP of lying for saying that Puigdemont will come with a red carpet and says that Feijóo follows the manual of Trump and Bolsonaro

MADRID, 13 (.)

The Minister of Finance and Deputy Secretary General of the PSOE, María Jesús Montero, today asked the Supreme Court magistrate, Pablo Llarena, not to enter into the legitimacy of politics to legislate, after the order he issued yesterday in which he criticized the suppression of the crime of sedition in the Criminal Code and pointed out that the reform carried out by the Government is close to the decriminalization of the ‘procés’.

Montero appeared before journalists this afternoon after the meeting called today by Pedro Sánchez in Ferraz of the Socialist Executive and the PSOE ministers in the Government.

When asked about the order issued yesterday by the Supreme Court magistrate, the minister stated that she was not going to enter into the contents “in the same way” that ask each power to exercise its responsibility: “We do not enter into judicial pronouncements and in the same way we always ask that the legitimacy of politics for the development of its legislation not be entered into either”.

The minister has defended that it is “coherent” to make this approach because Spain is a State of law in which justice has to administer justice and politicians have to legislate “according to their scale of values” which, she added, in this case It is the drive for coexistence that they believe should lead the way in the coming years.

In addition, and based on Llarena’s order, which maintains the accusation of the crime of embezzlement against Carles Puigdemont, he has accused the PP and its president, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, of lying for saying that the former Catalan president was going to return to Spain with a red carpet and walking around with impunity.

In this sense, Montero has indicated that “precisely the car” of Llarena “shows the opposite” because what it does, says the minister, is to claim Puigdemont so that he responds to Justice.

In fact, he has defended that precisely the reform of the Criminal Code with the “approval” of sedition, can facilitate the extradition of the former Catalan president so that he can be tried in Spain and answer to justice for the “very serious events that happened a few years ago”. .

Some events, such as the illegal referendums and the declaration of independence, in addition to Puigdemont’s flight that María Jesús Montero has recalled that they occurred during a Popular Party government.


In addition, he added that the criticisms made by the former Catalan leader who fled from Justice to the reform of the Penal Code also “disavow” the PP’s accusations that he is going to return with impunity. Socialist sources even add that Puigdemont’s reproaches to ERC for the aforementioned reform in his speech last night reflect that the ‘procés’ is finished.

In any case, María Jesús Montero has defended the reform that the Government has carried out on the crime of embezzlement, alleging that the criminal reproach is still maintained and they have added a type of embezzlement that distinguishes between those who enrich themselves personally and those who do not allocate public resources to purpose to which they were initially planned, giving as an example that instead of dedicating them to an infrastructure they are destined to pay salaries.

“Both have criminal reproach but the intensity of the sentence cannot be approved,” he exclaimed while alleging that “crimes of corruption” have been hardened by the obligation of public officials to explain up to five years after having left office if they have unjustifiably enriched themselves.

However, when asked about the sentence reduction that they include for cases in which the embezzled money is not for personal enrichment and about whether it can guarantee that many sentences for corruption are not reduced, as in Púnica or Acuamed, the Minister has not responded.

It has limited itself to pointing out that the Acuamed case has not yet been tried and to insisting that with the new crime criminal conduct is hardened. In fact, he has affirmed that no member of the Executive has expressed doubts in today’s meeting that the reform of this crime could harm the PSOE in the elections. Today, he added, that they have dedicated themselves to reviewing the actions of the Government and have focused on being more effective in their electoral discourse.


Previously, in her initial speech before journalists, the socialist leader accused the PP leader of following the “instruction manual of Mr. Trump or Bolsonaro” and of practicing the same “scorched earth policy of the institutions and also of conspiracy delusions that cause profound damage to our democracy.

In this sense, he affirmed that during this week “the assault on the democratic institutions in Brazil has resounded” while, he added, PP leaders and Feijóo have been heard “questioning the legitimacy of the Government of Spain and the institutions democracies sowing doubts even about the cleanliness of future elections”.

According to Montero, this was the beginning that gave the go-ahead to the Trumpist policies in the US and that were later replicated in Brazil. And following the comparisons with the PP, he has assured that it is sad to see this party “attack the legitimacy of our democratic government by raising doubts about our democracy, even in Europe, blocking institutions for their own benefit, breaking the Constitution and now questioning the cleanliness of future elections.

Having said this, he asked how far the PP is willing to go “in this irresponsible drift” and added that in politics words “have consequences”. In this sense, he has added that those that have been heard a few days ago by Feijóo have been heard “previously in the US and in Brazil.”

His conclusion is that PP Feijóo “follows the instruction manual of Mr. Trump or Bolsonaro.” “This scorched earth policy of the institutions and also of conspiracy delusions that cause profound damage to our democracy and the well-being of the majority of citizens,” he added while warning that it is a path that “does not lead nowhere more than to continue putting stones in the way so that our country can recover from the consequences derived from the covid and the crisis”.

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