Monster Hunter Now brings monster hunting to the real world with your mobile camera

MADRID, September 14 (Portaltic/EP) –

Niantic’s catalog of augmented reality (AR) games for mobile phones has grown with the launch of Monster Hunter Nowdeveloped together with Capcom, which brings the monsters of this popular franchise to the real world with the smartphone camera.

Monster Hunter Now is a AR game for a new generation of hunters who have to explore the real world with your friends, while taking on dozens of monsters. It is designed to enjoy parks and open spaces around the world.

Behind this project are Niantic, developer of titles such as Pokémon Go and Peridot, and Capcom, the original developer and distributor of Monster Hunter, which encourage hunting powerful monsters alone, but also in groups.

So, with the AR Camera mode, monsters appear right in front of the player in the real world, who will be able to interact with them and see their reactions. If you encounter a monster that you cannot take down, you can choose to hunt in group; The system automatically matches the player with nearby hunters so they can team up.

He multiplayer mode supports up to four people nearby who can become friends in-game (with a QR code, friend code, or invite code) and earn rewards such as restorative pills.

There are also hunting partieswhich allow team up with a specific group of friends and hunt together, even if they are not in the same area. Each member can hunt the monsters they find together.

Monster Hunter Now makes hunting easier by allowing hunters preconfigure your equipment and weapons, making it easy to change on the fly.

The game requires the use of the smartphone’s camera, but can also be kept in your pocket due to Adventure Sync featurewith which you use a paintball to track monsters while exploring the city to hunt them from home later.

After registering more than 3 million pre-registrations, Monster Hunter Now is available from this Thursday on the App Store and Google Play in nine languages: Japanese, English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

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