Mónica Oltra: “The PSOE threatened to remove me from the Government. That would have been a bomb that would have broken the coalition”

Half a year after presenting her resignation “with clenched teeth”, Mónica Oltra, former vice president, spokesperson and councilor for the Valencian Government, has decided to reappear in the media in an interview with the program saved, from La Sexta, in which she has revealed few new things about the judicial process and the political intricacies that led her to leave office. She has made it clear once again that she never did “anything illegal, immoral or illicit” regarding the case of her ex-husband’s abuse of a minor protected by her own Department, and that “there never was a Oltra case“, but a “lawfare manual” orchestrated by the extreme right.

What he did want to emphasize is that he decided to resign — five days after his imputation — to safeguard the current coalition government in the Valencian Country, since the PSOE threatened to fire her after she was charged for allegedly trying to cover up the case of her ex-husband from the Ministry of Equality and Inclusive Policies.

“I resigned without a reason, without having done anything wrong”

“The PSOE threatened to remove me from the Government. That would have been a bomb that would have broken the coalition government,” he responded to Gonzo. Oltra assures that the president, Ximo Puig never threatened him directly, although “he let him see with that phrase of I’m not for parties“, he remarked. According to the former Valencian politician, the intention of the Socialists was very clear in what he calls “the gentlemen fountains of the Palau“That some media cited to imply that his dismissal was hanging by a thread if he did not resign.

The PSOE fantasized about the idea of ​​governing alone“, he insisted. “I decided that it was more important to safeguard a government than the weight of the PSOE falling into the temptation of governing alone,” he summarized. “I resigned without giving a reason, without having done anything wrong,” he stressed. .

The interview has shown an Oltra totally removed from the political world, dedicated to housework, DIY, gardening and thinking about training in welding. She has not yet decided to reopen her law firm because, among all the dregs that this process has left her, there is one that completely prevents her from doing so. “I have a crisis of faith in justice,” acknowledged the lawyer, who, however, says she is “serene” after a process that has dynamited her personal and professional life.

Oltra, has insisted this Sunday that he did not act incorrectly in relation to the process in which he is still charged. “I have not done anything, illegal or immoral or illegal, I acted with integrity,” she said.

A little over a week ago Oltra has reappeared in public events since he resigned. In September he had to testify in the Investigating Court 15 of Valencia, that he asked to extend the investigation for six months and summon the victim as a witness. She is accused of an alleged cover-up of her ex-husband’s abuse of a minor under guardianship, who publicly denounced having been used and then abandoned by the ultra-right, specifically by the neo-Nazi party España 2000 and Vox.

Oltra has once again related the process to a “hunt for the extreme right” and, regarding his future, has ruled out running as a Compromís representative in Congress, although he does not intend to give up his “political ambitions”, “wherever” .

In addition, he has stated that he cannot comment on the Sumar political project promoted by Vice President Yolanda Díaz because it is still “an embryo”. “Let’s let it grow”, she has asked her.

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