Monedero informs the judge that the UDEF “lacks the truth” in its latest report

The Economic and Fiscal Crime Unit (UDEF) concludes in a report sent to the judge a week ago Juan Jose Escalonillawithin the framework of the separate piece of the ‘Neurona’ case that investigates an invoice from Juan Carlos Monedero, which “It has not been possible to verify the reality of the dates of the emails or the content of the attached files that appear in them, since the emails were provided in printed documentary support and when access was requested to clarify the facts, Juan Carlos Monedero refused to do so”.

This Thursday, the co-founder of Podemos has presented a brief in the court of Juan José Escalonilla, indicating that this assertion “is untrue” and asks that the conclusion of the UDEF be corrected and specified.

“Your Honor is aware that at no time has the person being investigated today denied access to the emails referred to by the authors of the report,” starts the brief that the defense of the political scientist has presented in the Court of Instruction 42 of Madrid, to which this newspaper has had access.

“Furthermore, your honor knows that there is in the proceedings, -in order to expedite the
verification of those emails- (which were provided motu proprio in writing by the person under investigation) the offer of Juan Carlos Monedero to go before the Administration Lawyer in order to verify what his honor had
agreed, to reason, to check if they coincided with the [correos] contributed [en papel]”, is stated in the letter.

This separate piece investigates the invoice of 26,200 euros paid to Monedero by the consulting firm ‘Neurona’ in January 2019 for advisory work commissioned and carried out by the political scientist for the firm. The accusations consider that the invoice was prepared ad hoc to cover up an alleged commission for the subsequent hiring of Podemos to the consultant for the April 2019 elections.

Judge Escalonilla specified that the content of the evidence was the four emails that the investigated party had provided. The accusations of Vox and Prolege appealed the judge’s decision, requesting that they have access to all Monedero’s email and the Provincial Court of Madrid determined that it was only interested in the four emails that the investigating judge had indicated.

In this sense, his lawyer complains: “Mr. Monedero has been waiting for more than a year for the Central Cybercrime Unit I quoted him for said warning of the 4 emails. As of today, and if said summons had been issued, the procedure might have already been dismissed, since verified that the emails and the invoice issued contained therein have a date prior to the claim of the same by the bankwhich was the argument of the UDEF in its first brief to declare the invoice as “false””.

“That the UDEF, after a year, has not opened the four aforementioned emails, and that the report it makes to make its conclusions is based precisely on the fact that it has not opened those emails sent by your Honor, makes it clear
that the UDEF has not carried out its task as it should”, explains Monedero’s lawyer.

And he asks the judge for the “need to practice that expert opinion.” “We maintain our will to go as soon as possible to show these four emails to prove the truth of them and the coincidence with those provided more than a year ago.”

Errands without coverage

In addition, in his letter to the judge, the defense of Juan Carlos Monedero attacks the authors of the UDEF report, not only for “lacking the truth”, but for having “exceeded the investigative functions commissioned by the judge, allowing to research that has no place or coverage in
diligence none of the same”.

In March 2021, Monedero submitted a battery of evidence to the court to demonstrate that he did indeed carry out the work for Neurona for which he received the amount of 26,200 euros. He provided plane tickets to prove that he traveled on the dates investigated. But the UDEF, in addition to comparing the tickets with the passport of the person under investigation, has investigated who paid for the tickets. And he has found the Podemos party itself and some university among the payers. These findings serve to infer that it was not the Neurona consultant who paid for the plane tickets to Mexico and other Latin American countries and thus question whether Monedero really worked for the consultant on those trips.

“The investigation dealt exclusively with whether or not these trips existed, the rest, as we say, is on behalf of the UDEF, with an obvious purpose, which
the author of the report stamps on its content, an obvious prospective investigationand which reiterates on several occasions in order not to find an impartial explanation of the existence of the tickets and to prove said trips of my client, but with the attempt to find new data that has nothing to do with what was ordered by the instruction”.

Trips to Mexico in 2018

The author of the report notes that two of the bills were paid by Podemos, another by a university, a fourth by the Latin American Council of Social Sciences and the fifth by Juan Carlos Monedero himself. “As we have said, we understand that what has been requested for verification by your Honor has been exceeded in actions lacking any judicial protection, and that they should not be considered, as they are null due to the absence of a judicial mandate.”

However, in his brief, Monedero clarifies to the judge that in Mexico “events of enormous political importance coincided in 2018:as elections
presidential in Mexico in July 2018
and on the occasion of the inauguration of the President of the Republic of Mexico in December 2018. My representative attended these trips, as a person of enormous prestige in the country, as a reference and founder of the Podemos Political Party, on the occasion of the
mentioned events”.

And the lawyer continues: “And allow me to be natural, since you don’t go to Mexico every weekend, it is normal that in addition to going at those times, you participate in other types of professional activity by adjusting the travel agenda. As in the rest of the countries visited, where it is natural to adjust agendas to take advantage of the effort”.


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