Monedero announces a lawsuit against Cospedal and Villarejo for their movements against Podemos

The newspaper The country revealed this Thursday how the retired commissioner Jose Manuel Villarejo In June 2017, he offered alleged information to former minister María Dolores de Cospedal to harm Podemos. This confirmed with impetus her interest: “It’s a bomb”. The surprising information speaks of alleged links, never proven, between the Venezuelan and Cuban governments with Podemos.

The publication of this conversation by PRISA shows, in the words of Pablo Iglesias, to what extent it is difficult to talk about “full democracy” In our country: “What we are seeing is very seriousa Minister of Defense and a police officer conspiring together with journalists to put an end to a political force and its leaders”.

After the statements of the former leader of the purple formation, now it is Juan Carlos Pursedirectly alluded to in the recordings, the one who has decided to file a lawsuit against Villarejo and Cospedal, as a result of some audios that, according to the co-founder of Podemos, show maneuvers against the party, against Pablo Iglesias and against him.

“In the accusation several crimes are being studied, among them that of libel, slander, conspiracy to commit a crime and a possible crime of false accusation and complaint and simulation of crimes in order to harm. Without prejudice to the emergence of a few more “, he details to Public Professor of Political Science.

Specifically, Monedero underlines his “concern” over a statement in which Villarejo points directly at him and announces that he was going to “ruin life”. A phrase that, according to the events that occurred shortly after, could be understood as a kind of prelude: “The later accusationsthe media attacks and the persecution that I suffered are proof that the will shown in the audios was later put into operation”.

“It is inadmissible that a member of the Government and also Secretary General of the ruling party used the services of a Commissioner to harm political opponents by accusing them of false crimes. What may be an indication of the Spurious use of the State to commit crimes against members of Podemos“, denounces the teacher.


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