Moncloa figures the degree of commitments fulfilled during the legislature at 66.7%

One of the flags that the Government of Pedro Sánchez since his arrival to the presidency it has been that of transparency. Specifically they began to develop the report Fulfilling, a tool for accountability. The data, which is made public through the Moncloa website, reflects high compliance with commitments to date. This is highlighted by the figures provided this Thursday, still preliminary until next week. According to the report, the overall figure of commitments fulfilled reaches 66.7%.

The report also highlights that the degree of compliance with respect to the commitments mentioned by Sánchez in his investiture speech reaches 72.8%. On the coalition pact signed with Unidas Podemos The data with which Moncloa works is estimated at 68.7% compliance. In addition, it is indicated that with respect to the commitments shown in public appearances by the president, both in parliamentary venues and in interviews or statements, it reaches 75.8%.

In this last semester there have been no decayed commitments. That is, issues that have been renounced. The 12 of other periods are maintained. In the month of July, compliance with total commitments was 53.3%. Regarding the coalition pact with UP, it reached 54.9% and the forecast was 62.6% at the end of the year, something that has been exceeded.

On the other hand, the Sánchez government aims to institutionalize accountability, introduced for the first time since his arrival at the presidency. Next week it will be the same Executive leader who announces the specific way to do it. For Moncloa, governments have to be held accountable and they would not understand that another party with the aspiration to govern did not understand this issue.

For the Presidency of the Government, the most important thing is the exercise itself, not the results. Among the objectives of this pioneering initiative are to increase the democratic qualityfavor citizen scrutiny and carry out institutional learning.

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