Moncloa does not trust the “stratagems” of the PP on the CGPJ after the reprimand of Lesmes

The opening of the judicial year and the speech of Carlos Lesmespresident of General Council of the Judiciary (CPGJ) in office, have starred in the day also in the political arena. The blockade of the governing body of the judges, which has lasted almost four years, is still in force. And this Wednesday, despite Lesmes’ equidistant reprimands for the situation, no steps forward seem to have been taken. Moncloa continues without trusting the “stratagems” of the PP despite the intentions shown by Alberto Nunez Feijoo to meet with the president Pedro Sanchez and warnings of resignation of the magistrate.

After the celebration of the act presided over by Lesmes, the crossing of accusations between both political forces has been accelerating. Since Moncloa she has been the Minister of Justice, Pilar Llop, the first to shoot dialectically. He asked Feijóo, with whom he had the opportunity to speak personally minutes before, the names “without conditions” to renew the CGPJ.

According to Genoa, Feijóo’s response was that “it is not about distributing names, but about the curriculum and the parameters of experience and independence that future and possible candidates must meet.” In other words, the leader of the PP remains entrenched in his position of conditioning the renewal of the CGPJ on a broader pact with the government to reform the judicial system as a whole. And he did it despite the fact that the president of the CGPJ reproached him for this blockade, demanding the renewal of the Judiciary “urgently” and “without any political force being able to subject it to successive conditions.”

The PP also wants to agree on the Constitutional

Feijoo seems willing to pull the rope to the end. In a statement sent to the press a few hours after the meeting between Llop and Feijoo In the opening act of the judicial year, the popular ones increased the bet and now demand to agree jointly with the Government the new appointments of the CGPJ and the Constitutional Court “under minimum requirements of independence”. In the PP they are aware that the conservative sector of the CGPJ has given them one more asset with which to pressure the Executive and they are going to take advantage of it.

Since June, the blockade of the CGPJ was transferred to the Constitutional Court when the nine-year mandate of the four magistrates (a third of the court) whose appointment corresponds to the Government and the CGPJ expired. This is what the Constitution establishes. The deadline for his appointment expires on September 13 and this Thursday the plenary session of the CGPJ is held from which the names of four new members of the TC should come out, but the members of the conservative bloc have mobilized to block it and Lesmes threatens to resign.

In the leadership of the PP they take it for granted that if the agreement with the Government does not take place, there will be no renewal of the Constitution, thus assuming the discredit for the political and judicial system that it would entail. They insist, yes, that they are still willing to negotiate until the last moment but without moving an iota from their position.

For the Government they are “excuses”

After the declarations of the popular ones, sources of the Government emphasized that the PP “was wrapped again in excuses to not comply with the constitutional mandate to renew the CGPJ in a timely manner, adding one more pretext to its delaying maneuvers”. Moncloa insists that “before the Constitution there are only two attitudes, to comply with it in all its points, as the Government defends, or interpret it at your convenience and obstruct its fulfillment, as the PP insists on doing”.

“The Government has always had and continues to have the availability to renew the CGPJ under the current law and under the constitutional mandate. can be done today“, they add from the Executive.

Government sources insist Public in that they do not trust the PP. “It’s the umpteenth stratagem”, they affirm. At this point they point to the different turns of strategy carried out by the popular during the entire legislature with the leadership of Pablo Casado. “The first excuse they put was that Pablo Iglesias was in the Government,” they remember.

In the PSOE, according to management sources, the anger is also evident and they leave the ball on Feijóo’s roof. “He has destroyed the only pact we had come to. The one in which does not recognize the signature of the top leaders of his party at that time. Complying with the Constitution should not be something negotiable for Feijóo,” they point out in reference to the fact that the previous leadership of the popular had already signed with the Government, in a meeting between Teodoro García Egea and Félix Bolaños, the renewal of the judicial body.


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