Moncloa agrees with two production companies to film a series about the daily work of a Prime Minister

The Secretary of State for Communication has signed with the producers Sequoia Contents and The Pooltm an agreement for the filming of a documentary series that will portray the daily work of the President of the Government with the aim of disseminating the functioning of the Presidency of the Government and making citizens aware of the decision-making process.

In the agreement, published this Saturday in the Official State Gazette (BOE), the Secretary of State estimates that the documentary, which has the provisional title of ‘The Four Seasons’, constitutes “an ideal instrument” for transfer to society the functions and daily tasks of the Presidency of the Government.

For this reason, the reality of the work of the figure of the President of the Government and his daily tasks will be included “primarily”, “all from the perspective of producers and creative staff contracted for its production.

The Secretary of State highlights that the series “in no case will it present characteristics of propaganda or partisan or political advertising”and considers that the proposal made “is presided over by a goal of strict democratic transparency”.

The agreement regulates access to the Moncloa complex and the conditions of confidentiality and dissemination of the recordings made, provided with “objectivity” and without interference in the functioning of the Presidency of the Government.

“It is about showing the citizens the organization of the Presidency of the Government, its main activities and the work of the people who provide their services to ensure its proper functioning, carrying out a exercise of transparency in accordance with the democracy of the 21st century“, says the agreement.

The series will be structured in a season of two episodes of approximately 45 minutes of duration each one and the producers have the right, but not the obligation, to record a second season with two others.

The agreement is governed by the principles of “objectivity and absence of a propagandistic nature, non-interference in the functioning of the organs of the Presidency of the Government, absence of economic consideration and voluntariness of the people who provide their services in the Presidency of the Government for the participation in the documentary”.

Finally, the agreement establishes that once the producers have recovered their contribution and begin to obtain benefits from the exploitation of the documentary, they must give non-profit organizations 20% of net income of the exploitation of the documentary.


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