Mohamed VI avoids meeting with Sánchez and summons him to an upcoming visit to Rabat

The king Mohamed VI of Morocco has planted Pedro Sanchez: the monarch will finally not receive the president of the Spanish Government during the celebration of the Spanish-Moroccan summit which is being held in Rabat this Wednesday and Thursday.

The Spanish Government had not wanted to confirm at any time the meeting with Mohamed VIwielding that it was the Alaouite Royal House that had to announce it if it occurred and that the objective of the trip was the High Level Meeting (RAN), in which the Moroccan Executive, headed by its Prime Minister, Aziz Ajanuch, participates.

Mohamed VI has had a telephone conversation with Sánchez before he headed for Rabat and has summoned him for an upcoming official visit to Morocco, as reported by Moncloa sources. The Alaouite Royal House has also confirmed the call.

In its statement, the Alaouite Royal House has indicated that Mohamed VI has invited Sánchez to an official visit “very soon” to Morocco with a view to “reinforcing this positive dynamic in the excellent bilateral strategic association” that exists between the two countries.

“This visit will be the occasion for further strengthen bilateral relationsthrough concrete actions marked by efficiency and tangible projects on strategic issues of common interest”, has advanced the Royal House of Morocco.

Sánchez and Mohamed VI already met on April 7 precisely as a result of a telephone conversation they had on March 31, two weeks after the letter in which Sánchez conveyed to the Alaouite king that Spain considered the Moroccan autonomy plan for the Sahara as “the most serious, credible and realistic basis” to resolve the dispute.

From that meeting came a joint declaration that has served as a roadmap for the relationship in recent months, making it possible to strengthen cooperation in areas such as immigration or improve trade data, among others, and the results of which will be analyzed at the summit this Wednesday and Thursday.

Give a boost to the relationship

Precisely, the High Level Meeting (RAN) this Thursday, the first since 2015, has been the subject of the conversation held this Wednesday between the two, in which they have agreed to “continue promoting the bilateral relationship”.

In this sense, according to Moncloa, both have agreed that the summit “will be a success” and will contribute to “consolidate the new stage in the relations between Morocco and Spain”.

For his part, Mohamed VI welcomed the evolution of the new phase in the bilateral relationship “in consultation, trust and mutual respect” and has highlighted that the commitments that were included in the declaration of April 7 “have been implemented in a substantial way”, according to the statement from the Alaouite Royal House.

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