Mirandés achieves its first win and Málaga draws in Mel’s debut on the bench

MADRID, Sep. 24 (.) –

Mirandés got their first win away from home this Saturday, after beating Real Zaragoza (2-0), which cut their winning streak, while Málaga did not go beyond a draw (1-1) against Villarreal B, in the opening Pepe Mel as ‘boquerón’ technician; Huesca beat Leganés (1-0) and Tenerife scratched their first point as a visitor against Ponferradina.

The red team added their first victory of the season against Zaragoza with a resounding 2-0 thanks to a double by Óscar Pinchi, to cut the positive trend of the team, which chained two consecutive wins. This result leaves Mirandés as the team that scores salvation with five points, while Carcedo’s men are fifteenth with eight points.

The Argentine Giuliano Simeone was the first to approach the rival goal, with a good penetration that finally came to nothing. The rojillos’ response came from a set piece, with a somewhat centered shot that Cristian Álvarez solved. The domain and possession belonged to the locals, who began to be superior also on dangerous occasions, with an active Raúl Parra in the right lane.

The reward for Etxebarría’s men came in minute 29, with the first goal from Óscar Pinchi, who took advantage of a good shot from Parra’s boots on the right with a good shot to make it 1-0. Mirandés was on track in a duel that dominated from start to finish, only with Simeone as Zaragoza’s most dangerous weapon. It was during the restart after the break that Mirandés sealed the match with Pinchi’s second in the 50th minute, after an assist from Raúl García de Haro. Cristian Álvarez was the protagonist at the end with a good intervention against a shot by Gueye, who had the last one for Zaragoza.

Juan Carlos punished Leganés with his solitary goal, allowing Huesca to win their third victory of the season and move up to eighth place with 10 points. Meanwhile, the ‘pepineros’ do not lift their heads and continue to be immersed in this small initial crisis, second to last with four units. The duel began with a clear dominance of the people of Madrid, who knew how to transfer that superiority to the rival goal. And when the break was approaching, those from Idiákez received a blow ‘in the chin’ with Huesca’s goal in the addition of that first half.

The goal did not affect Leganés, who remained faithful to their model and idea in the second half, with a brilliant José Arnáiz who only lacked success. Huesca improved after the changes and was able to increase their short lead, but the post prevented it, giving the final 1-0 as good.

At 18:30 a Málaga-Villarreal B game was played, marked by Pepe Mel’s debut on the Andalusian bench. His debut was not synonymous with victory, although the team did improve in sensations, which had to settle for a draw (1-1) against the Castellón subsidiary. Diego Collado put the ‘mini submarine’ ahead in the 20th minute, after a good strategic play from the corner kick, which Lozano bounced.

Just six minutes later, Rubén Castro, who later had up to two goals disallowed, equalized for the locals, finishing off a good cross from Álex Gallar from the left. The ‘boquerón’ team grew in the second half, driven by the fresh air of the new coach, but that second goal did not come.

Finally, Tenerife, who played with ten for the last 20 minutes of the match against Ponferradina, added their first point away from home with a draw (2-2), thanks to a goal from Waldo in the final stretch. The ‘chicarreros’ catch some air and are already fifteenth, while the ‘Ponfe’ remains calm in eleventh place.

Ojeda put the locals ahead in minute 27, finishing off a killer pass from Naranjo. The answer came in the 39th minute, when Iván Romero made it 1-1 for the Canaries, after dribbling past two rivals and leaving Makaridze defeated. Larceda once again put Ponferradina ahead in the 68th minute, with a Tenerife that found itself with one less in the 77th minute due to Corredera’s expulsion. The equalizer would come in 82′ with a goal from Waldo.

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