Millennial and Gen Z users prefer using virtual assistants to talking to people

MADRID, July 28 (Portaltic/EP) –

The new generations of users of electronic devices, such as millennials and the so-called generation Z, they prefer to use virtual assistants instead of talking to real people in certain activities, such as shopping.

The consulting firm Boston Consulting Group has reached this conclusion in terms of user experience after conducting a survey in which 6,000 consumers participated.

After this survey, he determined that for the new generations, autonomy in their purchasing process is more important. Therefore, if they require help, they opt for the support of a virtual assistant or ‘chatbot’.

A ‘chatbot’ is an assistant that communicates with users through automated text messages and is integrated into websites or applications to offer support and help.

For these generations, in which technology is part of many of their fields (study, work, etc.), it is more important to keep control during the search for a product when it comes to buy physically or ‘online’that you need help from other people.

“This trend can be seen in supermarkets. The younger generations they prefer to use the ‘self-service’ boxes and the fast-scanning kiosks, which stand in lines and are served by people”, commented the CEO of GUS, Jaime Navarro, in a press release sent to Europa Press.

Specifically, Navarro considers that these people “prefer to try to solve their doubts and problems independently” or through WhatsApp than to have to check with someone over the phone.

For its part, a report by Mordor Intelligence determines that, due to the growing use of messaging applications, the integration of ‘chatbots’ in them generates a greater return on investment.

This is because these systems not only improve the user experience, but also save the chat history, which can be very useful for future purposes.

Due to this need, some companies in Latin America have already integrated these assistants into their marketing and customer service strategies, solutions that can be connected to different data bridges to provide them with information and services.

Meanwhile, in Europe and the United Kingdom, more and more companies are investing in automation technologies. This allows them, on the one hand, to offer a more efficient service to the consumer and, on the other, to allocate resources for the training of their employees in order to enable them to solve more complex problems.

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