Milei’s first interview, already elected, with Eduardo Feinmann

The elected president of Argentina, Javier Mileiconfirmed this Monday that his cabinet will be made up of only eight ministriesas he advanced in his first interview after his victory in the elections with journalist Eduardo Feinmann on Radio Miter.

Milei has announced that the lawyer Mariano Cúneo Libarona will be in charge of assuming the functions of Justice. Like the elected president of Argentina, Cúneo Libarona also worked for the Eurnekian group.

Likewise, he has also advanced that Carolina Piparo He will direct the National Social Security Administration, the body in charge of managing retirements, pensions and social allowances.

“My intention is to be the first link in Argentine reconstruction. Then we will see if I have to govern for four or eight years. I want my government to mark a turning point in Argentine history,” Milei noted.

Milei has also brought the name of a former minister with Cristina Fernández, Florencio Randazzo; or those of two former ministers of Mauricio MacriGuillermo Dietrich and Javier Iguacel, although he has not specified what role they could defend in his Executive.

“We are going to surprise with the team we are putting together. We are integrating specialists from various spaces but with the conviction of changing Argentina towards the ideas of freedom. The most talented are going to be inside, no matter where they come from,” he said.

The figure of Cúneo Libarona thus joins other names already confirmed by Milei himself during the electoral campaign, when he announced Nicolás Posse as Chief of Staff, Sandra Pettovello as Minister of Human Capital and Diana Mondino as Foreign Minister.

Specifically, Mondino has expressed himself on repeated occasions against Argentina being part of the BRICS blocformed by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, and to which he was officially invited after the last summit in South Africa last August.

Massa, Minister of Economy

Milei has once again reiterated his intention to eliminate the Central Bank (BCRA) because it is a “moral issue”, establish a financial strategy to resolve the problem of short-term bonds issued with the intervention of a foreign credit entity, privatize public companies such as YPF, Public Television, National Radio and the Télam news agency “more for symbolic than budgetary reasons.”

He has also expressed his intention to repeal the Rental Law and establish an “open skies” policy in aviation matters that will include handing over the management of Aerolíneas Argentinas to its workers.

Regarding the loan with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), has highlighted that it is “progressing in virtual meetings” with representatives of the international entity. “The Fund finds it more friendly to dialogue with us because we are convinced of the need for fiscal balance,” Milei highlighted before indicating that the renegotiation agreement signed at the time by the Government with the IMF “is fallen.”

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