Milei unmasks the “caste” before the “dantesque circus” mounted by the alleged attack against Kirchner

In a very harsh argument in the Lower House, the liberal Javier Milei has accused the Argentine Government of the crude use of the alleged assassination attempt on Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. “The events of recent days seem regrettable to us, where politics miserably used a situation and a criminal act to build a political profit“, Milei has denounced after making clear his condemnation of what happened.

The liberal economist has called “horrific“That the Executive has even declared a holiday so that people could demonstrate in support of the vice president.”Can someone tell me where the holiday for the victims of the Once massacre is? Or when prosecutor Nisman was killed? Javier Milei asked himself. But of course, when they touch someone from here, from the caste of the country, the hypocrites appear.”

Visibly indignant, the deputy from La Libertad Avanza continued his speech thus warning of the need to put an end precisely to the privileges of the political class. “There were deaths yesterday, there were deaths today and there are going to be deaths tomorrow and politics continues to look at its navel. Therefore, we, from La Libertad Avanza, make our repudiation of violence clear, but we do not in any way accept this Dantesque circus about politic”.

After the harsh intervention, Milei left the room shouting “Breed!”which caused a great uproar among the rest of the deputies and a call to order by the president of the chamber, with whom the liberal had previously had a controversial clash, in this case, on account of language.

The Economist addressed Cecilia Moreau as “president”, instead of using the feminine ending, clinging to the fact that the rules of Spanish allow him to use said formula. After repeatedly asking him to refer to her as “president”, Moreau chose to say goodbye to him as “deputy”, instead of “deputy”, which sparked laughter from those present.


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