Milei revealed that his candidate for Minister of Economy is a man

“The higher the dollar, the easier it is to dollarize”said the presidential candidate for La Libertad Avanza, Javier Milei, upon his arrival in Mar del Plata while having a lunch with businessmen.

In what was called a “against summit” to the IDEA Colloquium that takes place in “La Feliz”, The libertarian candidate met with 50 business representatives who wanted to know their proposals if elected president.

Regarding his absence from IDEA, Milei stated that “I had agreed to this lunch 4 months ago, I can choose not to go to a place where they don’t treat me well.”

They created the dollarization calculator: how much your salary would be worth

And he added that Juan Nápoli “had a demand for 600 to 700 places, “But there is a physical restriction.” “Those who could not be here will be seeing (Patricia) Bullrich,” he said.

The presidential candidate for Together for Change presented her proposals to IDEA businesspeople at noon this Thursday.

A clue about the Minister of Economy

Asked about who will be his Minister of Economy in the event that he wins the presidential elections, the candidate said that He wasn’t going to tell it “because then they operate on him and make him dirty.” “The portfolio is so delicate and I prefer, poor man, that they let him work in peace,” acknowledged the libertarian. He then gave more details and explained that he “is in all the cabinet meetings” and revealed: “Is a man”.

According to Milei, “eliminating the Central Bank is an immutable policy, because we believe that there is a moral issue because stealing is wrong, a technical issue.” “The amount of money in the economy is determined by the demand for money and not the supply.” . “We have different alternatives to do dollarization”held.

“We believe that our main problem is political, because with issue seigniorage the money to finance the treasury, “They stole 280 billion dollars from good Argentines in 20 years”added the candidate.


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