Milei meets with Fernández and announces that he will open his presidency with a wave of privatizations

The transition to the Government that will begin its mandate on December 10 began this Tuesday in Argentina with a meeting of almost two and a half hours between the outgoing president, Alberto Fernandezand the elected, Javier Mileiin the Quinta de Olivos (presidential residence).

The leader of Freedom Advances (far-right) has already announced that it will undertake a wave of privatizations that will start with the oil company YPF, the energy company Enarsa and the public media conglomerate.

Milei arrived after 8:15 a.m. (11:15 GMT) at the presidential residence, located in the province of Buenos Airesnorth of the Argentine capital, and left at 11:07 (13:07 GMT), in a private vehicle.

“The meeting was held at the Olivos presidential residence with the aim of beginning the process of institutional transition between the teams designated by both in the different areas of government,” reported the statement released by the Presidency of Argentina. The meeting between the elected president and the outgoing president was scheduled for 8.30 am (11.30 GMT).

The official statement was released along with a photo showing Fernandez and Mileiserious, sitting in a gallery on the fifth floor, in front of a low table with glasses of water and in the background the garden of the presidential residence, at 9:24 a.m. (12:24 GMT) on the X account of the presidential spokesperson, Gabriela Cerruti .

The text, of only two paragraphs, only reported that Fernández had been the host of the meeting with Milei“who will assume his constitutional functions at the head of the National Executive Branch” from December 10.

Milei attended the meeting from the Hotel Libertador, where his campaign ‘bunker’ has been installed for weeks, along with Nicolas Posse, strong man of his campaign and who could be his chief of staff. Initially this meeting was going to be held on Monday, a holiday in Argentinabut the president-elect’s campaign team confirmed that this would not take place.

Milei won the second round of the presidential elections on Sunday against the official candidate and current Minister of Economy, Sergio Massawho this Monday presented the team he trusts that will assume the economic transition.

With 99.28% of tables scrutinized and a participation of 76.31%, the leader of La Libertad Avanza obtained almost 14.5 million votes55.69%, while the candidate from Unión por la Patria (Peronism) was left with 11.5 million votes (44.30%).

Argentina is impatiently waiting for this transition to take place along normal lines given the situation the country is going through.

There is a lot of expectation about the behavior of the stock and currency markets in Argentina This Tuesday, the first business session since Sunday won Mileia libertarian economist who has defended the dollarization of the economy and the closure of the Central Bank, among other important economic measures.

With a year-on-year inflation of 142.7%40.1% poverty and an exchange rate gap of 200%, the country’s economic situation requires urgent measures to restore peace of mind to a society that voted for a radical change for the period 2023-2027.

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