Milei destroys and puts an end to the Kirchnerist regime

After the confirmation of the data from the second electoral round in which he achieved a resounding victory over the official candidate – which no survey had predicted – Javier Milei He showed up at his party headquarters Freedom Advances to thank his followers and recognize the work of his allies in the campaign.

According to the official results with 99.25% of the votes counted, Milei won the second round of the Argentine elections with 55.7% compared to 44.4% for the Peronist candidate and Minister of Economy. Sergio Massa.

In front of his followers at the electoral headquarters and shortly after before thousands of people waiting for his words in the street, the liberal candidate said that “Today the reconstruction of Argentina begins. Today is a historic night for Argentina. “Thank you to those who made this possible, to the team that has been working for two years to achieve the miracle of having a liberal-libertarian president.”

Furthermore, he noted that “we began to turn the page of our history and resume the path that we should never have lost. The impoverishing model ends. This vision that the perpetrators are the victims ends” and he also stressed what awaits Argentina from now on: “I want to be clear: it will be a government that strictly complies with its commitments, respect for private property, The model of decline has come to an end, there is no turning back“.

He also had words of gratitude with the former president Mauricio Macri and the candidate of Together for Change, Patricia Bullrichwho offered his support shortly after the first electoral round on October 22: “Selflessly, in an act of greatness that has never been seen in Argentine history, they put their all into defending the victory.”

The economic disaster of the Kirchner government with Massa as one of the main people responsible for the crisis – with an inflation of 140% and a poverty rate that exceeds 40% – provoked a few words from Milei: “The situation is critical, the changes that are needed are drastic, there is no room for gradualism, half-measures”.

He also had a conciliatory moment and He called on “all those who want to join the change (…) No matter where they come from, I am sure that there is more that unites us. That is going to make us a power again. Whenever they want to join the change that Argentina needs, they will be welcome.”

Massa recognizes his defeat

Given a clear difference in the first data, Massa did not want to wait for the official results to recognize the victory of the liberal candidate. In a statement to his followers, he noted that he spoke with his rival “to congratulate him and wish him luck, because he is the president that the majority of Argentines elected for the next four years.”

Furthermore, he said that “the Argentines chose another path. Starting tomorrow, the task of providing certainty and transmitting guarantees about the social, political and economic functioning is the responsibility of the president-elect. We hope that he will do so.”

The Peronist announced that his political life had come to an end: “Life will surely bring me other tasks and responsibilities, but know that you will always count on me defending the values ​​of work, public education, national industry and federalism as values.” of Argentina”.

Alberto Fernández’s reaction

For his part, the Argentine president, Alberto Fernandez, used the social network X to react to Milei’s resounding victory. He noted that he was confident “that tomorrow we can start working with Javier Milei to guarantee an orderly transition,” while thanking Massa for his work.

He ended by pointing out that “for my part, I will continue working to strengthen democracy and the institutions of the Republic, in unity with all the sectors that make up the national movement that will always fight for a just, free and sovereign country.”

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