Milei confirmed two key names: Misrahi to the AFIP and Russo to the Ministry of Health

Within hours of assuming office as President of the Nation, Javier Milei begins to define his team, in addition to the first objectives for the beginning of his imminent mandate. And this Friday he confirmed the appointment of two officials in key areas: to Florence Misrahi for the Federal Administration of Public Revenues and the Dr. Mario Russo for Health, which will continue to be Ministry and, finally, he will not drop in rank to Secretary.

This was reported by the Office of the President-Electin charge of disseminating official information on the libertarian’s activity, through an official statement, published in X (ex Twitter) after a cabinet meeting, headed by Nicolas Posse.

They participated in it Guillermo Francos, Guillermo Ferraro, Diana Mondino, Mariano Cúneo Libarona, Patricia Bullrich, Luis Petri, Manuel Adorni, Belén Stettler, Sandra Pettovello and Santiago Bausili.

Florencia Misrahi will go to the AFIP

“The Dr. Florencia Misrahi be the head of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues“said the letter. With that sentence, the future president ended up ratifying the information that was circulating in recent days.

The tax lawyergraduated from the University of Buenos Aires and with a master’s degree in International Financial, Commercial and Tax Law from the Universidad Austral, has more than 20 years of experience as international tax specialist working for multinational organizations and law firms.

Regarding, precisely, his career, She worked as a partner at the Lisicki & Litviny firm. and, previously, He was in charge of the tax department of the Cargil company.

In your profile Linkedin assures that she is “motivated by guiding teams through complex projects in high-pressure environments.”

Furthermore, he highlights that it is “specialist in regional tax planning and financing structures with a special focus on commodities“.

Health will continue to be a Ministry and will be headed by Mario Russo

Although Misrahi’s It was not the only designation of the dayon this XL holiday prior to Milei’s inauguration in the National Congress, on Sunday, December 10.

It was also confirmed, after a first version of the document which spoke of ‘Secretary’published and deleted by the OPE on social networks, that the Health portfolio will continue to maintain its ministerial hierarchy And it will be by Dr. Mario Russo.

It’s about a clinical cardiologistgraduated from the National University of Buenos Aires (UBA), with extensive experience both in the health environment as well as in different positions within the State.

Specifically, it was Health Secretary of the municipalities of San Miguelbetween 2009 and 2015, and Hummockbetween 2015 and 2017. It was also Secretary of Government of Ramiro Tagliaferroprecisely in this last municipality of Greater Buenos Aires.

The liberation of prices advances: strong increases in gasoline before the assumption of Milei

In turn, it was Undersecretary of Coordination of Health Policies and Planning and Health Comptroller of the Ministry of Health of the Province of Buenos Aires during the governorship of María Eugenia Vidal.

And although he seemed like a man, due to his experiences, linked to Together for Changein the outgoing government, of Alberto Fernández, was Director of Government Affairs of AySAled by Malena Galmarini, wife of Sergio Massa, Milei’s opponent in the last electoral process.

He also became head of the Department of Cardiology at Fleni and Director of the Clinical Cardiology Course of the Argentine Society of Cardiology.

For its part, and as reported by the OPE in its statement, the Dr. Enrique Rodríguez Chiantore will occupy the position of Superintendent of Health Services (SSS) of the Nation since December 10.

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