Microsoft Word turns 40: this is how the most popular word processor emerged

MADRID, Oct. 28 (Portaltic/EP) –

Microsoft launched the Microsoft Word word processor four decades ago, a tool that has become the star of products of this type and is also one of the most in-demand among Microsoft 35 users, a subscription that includes it.

This program is used to create, edit, view and share files with other users, it has versions for Desktop and mobile applications and integrates the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) functions that the company has worked on, such as Copilot.

This daily use tool has undergone constant evolution that includes modifications to both its logo and interface, as well as improvements in capabilities and functions it offers to users.

During this time, this ‘software’ has also changed its name since it was born as Multi-Tool Word four decades ago. Soon, it simplified its name to Microsoft Word, as it is known today.

Its developers, Charles Simonyi and Richard Brodie, worked on this program applying the format ‘What You See Is What you Get’ (WYSIWYG)a motto applied to word processors that meant that, before sending a text to print, users could review it on the screen.

Word 1.0, the first version of this processor, arrived at the end of September and began to be distributed for the platform Xenix MS-DOS. This first iteration for the MS-DOS operating system provided a free demo copy to subscribers of the publication The PC World Software Review, as the firm clarifies on its blog.

InfoWorld magazine, for its part, pointed out that with the launch of its word processor, Microsoft had “taken another step towards the field of ‘software’ of applications” and that this new program had similarities with MultiPlan, the technology firm’s spreadsheet program.

Also in this publication, dated May 1983 and in which it was announced that it could be used with the brand’s new mouse, it was indicated that the processor allowed users to “define up to eight windows (each with a different file) on the screen and move blocks of text between files.

Additionally, it was noted that this tool supported “multiple fonts,” meaning it worked “well with new printing technologies, such as laser or ink,” as well as supporting “footnotes, subscripts, superscripts, and scrolling.” horizontal”.

The word processor did not reach Windows computers until 1989 with a second version that began to become popular among users of devices with this operating system, although it was with Windows 3.0, launched in 1990, when it completely took off.

From that moment on, Microsoft released versions of this processor for both its new operating system, Windows, and for DOS and Mac, until 1993. Then, the DOS versions were discontinued, as XDA Developers recalls. Also from then on, Microsoft began calling Word with the same Windows version numbering, such as Word 95 and Word 97.

Over time, the company has been improving and perfecting its processing tool, which has not been free of vulnerabilities – for which the technology firm has been implementing different patches – or new functions.

Among them, writing suggestions, which offer entire sentences that can inspire users while writing, as well as shortcuts that facilitate and improve the user experience, such as the one that allows you to copy and paste plain text.

Microsoft has also recently integrated Copilot into this service, a generative AI assistant that has reached other brand applications, such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Today, Microsoft Word is a tool for individuals and companies that can be used for free – by logging in with a Microsoft account – or with a monthly payment: through Microsoft 365 Personal (7 euros) and Microsoft 365 Family (10 euros).

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