Microsoft says EA is more important than Activision Blizzard for PlayStation

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MADRID, March 20 (Portaltic/EP) –

Microsoft has defended that the titles of Electronic Arts (EA) and Ubisoft are more important for PlayStation than those from Activision Blizzard, in terms of the sale of video games, in an attempt to show that the Japanese company would not lose as much as it says should the acquisition announced last year be approved.

The review of the acquisition of Activion Blizzard by Microsoft continues, which has led the US company to expose the most important distributors for its main competitor to the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

Microsoft’s intention is to make it clear that PlayStation does not depend on Activision Blizzard, and according to the graph it has attached, its main sales come from EA, Ubisoft and Take-Two Interactive, as shared by the specialized media EmoPulse.

The illustration shows the relationship between publishers and distributors and the three main gaming platforms. In it, and by sales volume of game sales, PlayStation appears in the first position, which covers almost half of the graph shared by Xbox, followed by Nintendo and the Microsoft games division.

Activision Blizzard appears in what seems to be a fifth position -if the more genetic option ‘Others’ is not taken into account- in importance for PlayStation -although with a strip of width similar to that of Bandai Namco-, behind the own games of the Japanese firm.

In the case of Xbox, and according to the distribution of its graph, Activision Blizzard is important -although it is somewhat more important for Sony- and, although somewhat inferior, it does not differ much from the games it sells from Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Take -Two. While self-developed games are the most important for Nintendo’s gaming platform.

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