Microsoft definitely adds ChatGPT-based Bing chatbot to SwiftKey keyboard

MADRID, 14 Apr. (Portaltic/EP) –

Microsoft has finally launched the swiftkey keyboard with the new bing based on ChatGPT, which includes the search engine icon in the toolbar on the keyboard to allow users to query with its Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology directly.

SwiftKey is a virtual keyboard that stands out for its AI-powered predictive text technology and that it was designed to make it easy to send messages without typos even in fast-typing situations, as detailed by Microsoft. This keyboard can be used on both iOS and Android and offers the possibility of set it as default keyboard to use their advantages in all applications of the device.

Some users started reporting last week that Microsoft’s virtual keyboard had a shortcut to access Bing in any application that integrates this tool. This novelty was corroborated by Microsoft, who explained that it was a beta version for android.

Now, the tech company has finally released the stable version of SwiftKey with the Bing chatbot, powered by Open AI, through an icon that appears on the left side of the toolbar with the option to Query in three different waysas he explained in a statement on his blog.

In this sense, one of the options offered is the chat functionwith which moves the user directly to Bing to be able to perform more detailed questions about a topic. This is a useful function to search for specific data or information on a specific issue very quickly. Regarding its mode of use, it is a function very similar to the ChatGPT application.

Following this line, another of the functions it offers is Tonewith which it allows a more “effective” communication by means of the Text customization through AI. In this way, the text will adapt according to the specific situationFor example, it will be more formal if it is a work email.

Specifically, it offers four forms of expression: for an environment professional, for a situation casual, a tone polite or for a publication on a social network.

Likewise, Microsoft details that the Tone function also beneficial for situations where the user is learning a languagesince it will be able to help choose some words or othersdepending on the most suitable for what you want to say, taking into account the environment.

Finally, the third option offered is the search functionwhich is focused on making quick queries directly from the keyboard, without having to switch applications. With this type of search, the user will be able to find information about specific things directly from the chat of a conversation, for example.

these new functions are available for all users, both for Android devices as well as for iOSstarting this Friday in regions where the new Bing with its ChatGPT-based ‘chatbot’ is available.

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