Microsoft and Amazon collaborate to protect consumers from phishing scams

MADRID, Oct. 20 (Portaltic/EP) –

Amazon and Microsoft have come together to protect consumers from identity theft scams following a series of attacks distributed from illegal call centers in India, which aimed to impersonate these companies.

Identity theft scams are those in which malicious actors pose as trusted companies or entities to try to defraud users and customers of platforms like these.

In joint action with India’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Microsoft and Amazon have recently taken legal action against the perpetrators of this type of fraud after detecting several illegal call centers in India that had been created to impersonate customer service services of both companies.

These centers had the objective more than 2,000 Amazon and Microsoft customersmainly in the United States, but also in Spain, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom, according to a press release from the ‘e-commerce’ platform.

To stop these fraudulent campaigns, Amazon and Microsoft have provided information to the authorities, through joint collaboration agreements in the United States and India, since the same cybercriminals They were focused on these two companies.


For its part, Amazon has recalled that it has “zero tolerance” for those who impersonate the company’s identity and that, due to its commitment to online security, it has eliminated more than 20,000 web pages dedicated to ‘phishing’ scams and 10,000 phone numbers used in this type of practices in 2022.

With this, it has reminded its users that both order history and communications from Amazon are received directly from its platform, by logging into their account first.

Likewise, it has clarified that it never requests payments by phone or email, but only does so through the mobile application or from its store or its website. “We will never call and ask make a payment or transfer from another website,” he added.

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