Meta presents Duet Display, an application to use Portal as a second screen

MADRID, 11 Aug. (Portaltic/EP) –

Meta Platforms has introduced an application called DuetDisplaywhich allows you to use your Portal touch panels as a second screen for a Mac or PC computer.

The Portal series debuted in 2018, with two smart screens aimed at promoting user communication by video and audio with Facebook and Messenger contacts.

Although at first the company assured that these devices could preserve the privacy of the users, as well as protect their information, the Cambridge Analytica scandal questioned these functions.

This led many users to opt for other electronic equipment to make video calls instead of Portal, which could have affected its sales rate. Due to this, the company announced in June that it would change its business strategy to allocate these screens to the business environmentinstead of individuals.

However, Meta has recently announced the fate of these devices, which will have a new use thanks to duet-display, an application that allows you to convert Meta Portal Plus (2nd Generation) Y Goal Portal Go on a second screen for Mac or PC.

This application is already available in the application store of both operating systems, App Store and Google Play, respectively, and must be downloaded both on the device itself and on the computer that will be used as the main screen.

Once installed on both computers, users will be able to drag open windows from the Mac or MC to the Meta Portal devices, just as is often done with second computer screens.

Meta has indicated that this application is already available for free in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Australia and New Zealand for Meta Portal Plus 2nd Generation.

In contrast, for the other device, Meta Portal Go, the Duet Display service can only be downloaded in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Italy.

In addition to Duet Display, the technology company has presented the complementary application Meta Portal Companion for macOS, which offers the possibility of connect computers made by Apple to Meta Portal devices.

This service, already available and free in the United States and the United Kingdom, is focused on hybrid work environments and focused on improve productivity in the processes.

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