Meta looks for a way to take the place of Twitter from Instagram

MADRID, 8 Dec. (Portaltic/EP) –

Goal see the current situation of Twitter as an opportunity to create your own ‘microblogging’ platform to rival Elon Musk, whose works would be based on the experience and technology already available on Instagram.

The image of chaos that Twitter transmits since the tycoon became the sole owner of the social network and its current executive director has generated a stir in the world of digital platforms, where several have already applied as his successor.

This is the case of Mastodon, Tumblr or even other more recent ones such as Hive or Post, which offer a place to share ideas and debate those who flee from Twitter, despite the fact that Musk assures that since his arrival all-time highs have been reached in the registration of new users.

These turbulent times have not gone unnoticed by the other big social media company, Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram. And precisely in the latter is being fixed for launch an alternative to Twitteras shared by the social media analyst and consultant matt navarra.

Navarra affirms that the Meta workers are proposing the creation of Twitter’s rival from different approaches: the launch of the new Instagram ‘Notes’ feature, the creation of one text app using Instagram technology or the incorporation of a wall similar to that of Twitter On Instagram.

And it even indicates the name of some features that are being considered, such as RealTime, Real Reels and Instant.

On the other hand, and as they have shared in The Information, Twitter is considering modifying the prices of the subscription to Twitter Blue, being $7 for the web version and $11 for the iOS versionas a measure to circumvent the percentage that Apple charges for transactions in applications published in the App Store.

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