Meta changes how Reels are paid with ads to reward creators based on the performance of their videos

MADRID, May 10. (Portaltic/EP) –

Meta has expanded testing of ‘Ads on Reels’ (ads in Reels), a new video monetization format aimed at Facebook creators, in which it has introduced a new modality that reward these users based on the performance of its contents and not only because of the advertising that they contain.

Facebook Reels are short, vertically-formatted videos that can include music, audio, AR effects, and other editing options. The platform recommends these videos in spaces such as the news section and Facebook Watch.

The company began testing advertising on Facebook Reels last year, an option that was initially reserved for some users and has now been expanded to other creators, as announced in a statement.

Then, Facebook introduced this option so that content creators would have the opportunity to monetize their videos “for creating and sharing attractive public videos”, an alternative that also Coming soon to Instagram with a similar format based on performance and among a select group of creators and advertisers.

In addition to expanding its testing, Meta has begun testing a new payment model that rewards creators. depending on the performance of your ‘reels’ and not exclusively from the money generated by the advertising they include.

With this, he recalled that, as part of this test of ads in ‘reels’, he will pay the creators according to the number of reproductions that their content has registered. Over time, however, plans to incorporate other economic compensation models.

The new creators who now join this test will do so under the new payment format, while those who were already testing this modality will gradually switch to this other one.


At the end of last month, the CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, presented the results report of the first quarter of 2023 of the company, at which time he highlighted the growth that reels were experiencing.

The manager said that the set of users of the platforms in which this format is implemented -Facebook and Instagram- managed to share this type of video more than 2 billion times a day.

The success of the ‘reels’ is due to the investment that the company has made in its recommendation system -in which it has introduced artificial intelligence (AI)- and classification of your discovery engine in the applications.

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